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  1. Paul Hayes, On the Effect of Text Messaging on Student Perception of Instructor Immediacy.
    The quality of the communication between instructors and students has been shown to be one of the key factors in the quality of the learning experience of students. However, as is often the case in higher education, communication between instructors and students is very limited due to such factors as large class sizes, limited contact time and student reluctance to approach instructors. This research investigates the effect of using text messaging for out-of-class communication between instructor and student on student perception (...)
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  2. Óscar Octavio Mascareñas Garza, Exposing the Play in Gregorian Chant: The Manuscript as an Opening of Re-Presentation.
    The purpose of this thesis is to review some of the concepts that are at the foundation of Gregorian chant scholarship – particularly those related to the notion of formula and concepts closely related to it, such as that of variant, identity, the oral and the written in chant transmission and the concept of meaning – and to propose a radical view that presents us with a different way of interpreting the extant evidence: one that sees the manuscripts as an (...)
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