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Editors of The Acorn request addition of an area under the Philosophical Traditions cluster. The area would be named "Peace and Nonviolence."

Such an area would facilitate adding figures such as Gandhi, King, Chavez, and Jane Addams, who currently have no listings in the PhilPapers categorization. There are also important peace theorists such as Galtung and Gene Sharp whose work would be suitably included in this area.

Philosophical reflections on such figures make up a large and growing body of study, involving conceptual terms such as nonviolence, positive peace, or satyagraha -- terms which are not yet listed as PhilPapers categories.

Nonviolence currently has no taxonomy. Peace is listed, but only under Kant.

A few related terms do appear already:

-Pacifism appears under War;
-Civil Disobedience appears under Social and Political, States and Nations.
-Race and Civil Rights appears under Gender, Race, and Sexuality.

These categories could appear as cross-classified hyperlinks under &q ... (read more)

How do an release a "Call for Papers"? Do I put it up on my PhilPapers page as an article or is there a place where many others can see my call for papers?

Special Issue of the Journal of Consciousness Exploration&Research (JCER)

"Theories of Consciousness and Death:
Does Consciousness End, Continue, Awaken, or Transform
When the Body Dies?"

I am asking for submissions that outline a particular theory of consciousness and explore its conclusions, implications or possibilities when body and brain physically die. Are there alternatives? This is of course asking for speculation soundly based within the theory you choose, but from here in life one should be able to extrapolate, make educated guesses, or imagine the potentials implied by the theory. Obviously, for materialists who embrace brain-created consciousness, consciousness dies with the brain. For the existentialists, death ends all. But there are other ontologies such as neutral monism or panpsychism, or the ideas o ... (read more)
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The PhilPapers Foundation is announcing a design contest open to the public. Participants are invited to submit designs for a new logo and header for PhilPapers.org. The Foundation is offering a prize of CA$4000 for the winning design. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2016. For more details, see this page.

Due to a server problem, I ended up creating duplicate entries of an article. I've been marking the duplications but they've not been merged. How often are duplication checks and merges made?
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I have several unpublished papers on Philpapers. I am told that:
  • This paper is flagged as a manuscript, but not a draft. Is it really a manuscript you don't intend to publish?
They are actually finished papers that I don't intend to publish. But when I look at the pull-down list for Publication Status I can't see a suitable option. What should I do?

Howard Simmons
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Usually clicking on an essay title takes one to the archived text, but I have one essay for which clicking in the title takes the reader directly to my blog. I'd rather they were not ambushed in this way but cannot see how to change the setting. Is this something I've done when uploading the essay? Can it be changed?   
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I have noted this problem before. I can't stop the bot from mistakenly updating the book in this entry http://philpapers.org/rec/LIATPO to Journal of Philosophy. I've changed it back too many times now...
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This bug is probably known, but I don't see a discussion of it, so here it is again (hopefully helpfully). In its current incarnation, PhilPapers indexes works in any language, including works written wholly or partially in non-Latin Unicode subsets, and it seems to have been true for some time that even for articles in English, PhilPapers accepts titles and abstracts that include non-Latin-subset strings. For instance, Stanley Rosen's "ΣΩΦΡΟΣYΝΗ and Selbstbewusstsein" is indexed (though misspelled, probably by OCR - the record has now been corrected.)) This flexibility is awesome for at least two reasons: it helps to nudge the profession farther from Anglocentrism, and it lets researchers who include, e.g., Ancient Greek in their titles and abstracts have these indexed without distortion.

However, it looks as if the search function may not have kept pace with the indexing function when it comes to non-Latin-Unicode-subset strings. Thus, while we know that the aforementioned Rosen arti ... (read more)

I think I know the answer to this but I want to check.
The bibtex records exported by PhilPapers have an ID in the following format: the author(s) surnames + a year + a hyphen + an alphanumeric unique identifier. The identifier can be added to the end of `http://philpapers.org/rec/` to give a URL for the entry.

Could the ID contain anything other than alphanumeric characters? I'm writing a script that extracts the IDs to create a PhilPapers ID field in bibtex records that can be rendered as a link to the entry, and I want to make sure my regex works.
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When there's a gap between the number of entries counted in a leaf category on the Editor's panel (I mean the number given in the "count" column) and the number that actually show up from clicking directly on the name of the category, what's the likely cause? (I assumed that it might be the time needed for changes to propagate through the system, but it's a difference that's remained constant for some days, rather than hours, so I thought I'd check to see if I'm doing something wrong.) 
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Threads do not show up on the profile. Why is that? It seems unfair to people for whom that is the most appropriate way of communicating their ideas.

Are there guidelines on what criteria a book review ought to meet for inclusion in PhilPapers? The issue doesn't seem to be directly addressed in the FAQ (though reviews are notably not mentioned as an included category). The last discussion thread I've found on the subject dates from 2008; apologies in advance if I've overlooked more recent instructions.
Specifically, I've started to edit the leaf on Plato's Charmides in which many reviews of few monographs, if included, would threaten to overwhelm both the latter and even journal articles in search results. Since I don't see an easy way to filter out reviews from the search results through the Advanced Search menu* (in which case it would be harmless to include them), it seems to me that it might give a better signal/noise ratio simply to exclude reviews unless they meet some relatively high bar. But, of course, I want to conform to the general editorial practice at PhilPapers. Thanks. 

*(the word "review" being common and polyse ... (read more)
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The merger of Philosophy Research Index into PhilPapers has now been completed. More than half a million items have been added to the PhilPapers index, greatly improving our coverage of older publications and print publications not available online. At 1.75M items, our index is now three times the size of the nearest commercial alternative. We thank our colleagues at the Philosophy Documentation Center for their ceaseless efforts to collect relevant data.

We have also implemented new automatic classification mechanisms. Approximately 2/3 of all index entries (1.1M) now have some classification information associated with them. About half of the new entries from PRI have been automatically categorized. These results are now going through a process of manual curation by subject editors, to double-check categorization choices and more finely assign subject descriptors to published works. 

The categorization of all listings in this growing database remains a work in progress. But with over on ... (read more)

I have only found out this way to export from Philpapers to Mendeley
In Philpapers:
Export citation
Choose BibTex - opens in a new tab
Copy the text

In Mendeley:
Edit > Paste (>Save reference)

Is this the easiest way?
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Hello, I want to get rid of an old outdated paper in the archive. You can't access it through phil papers, where I have changed all the links, but somehow google finds the paper.

Can someone from tech please delete this PDF?

Thank you!

Erik Banks

Hi all,
I wrote a paper on risk ethics and technology for a class I took on Engineering Ethics. My professor, a graduate from Texas A&M, thought the paper is publishable. Unfortunately, he left the institution and I can't get to him. So, could you please give me your recommendation on where I can publish my paper. I also wrote another one on the Challenger and the Bhopal Disasters that I want to publish as well. I am trying to publish these so that I can impress graduate Philosophy schools in my application. Any advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

I find myself unable to categorize my writings as I would like since my metaphysical position is not represented among the categories. Could we have a sub-category 'nondualism' (or an equivalent term) under 'metaphysics', so that we of this persuasion do not have to use 'Miscellaneous' all the time? At present we have 'dualism and 'monism' and no third option. Thank you.  

Dear all, I am trying to develop a framework incorporating anti-essentialist, socialist feminist approaches, can anyone help me suggesting source material.
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The citation information and abstract for my paper, "Maps and Absent Symbols," keeps disappearing. I have added this information several times, but it seems to be automatically deleted. Someone from "The PhilPapers Team" also tried adding the correct information, but it disappeared again. The paper's PhilPapers entry is here: http://philpapers.org/rec/BROMAA-10

Thank you for your assistance.


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