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Dear all, I am trying to develop a framework incorporating anti-essentialist, socialist feminist approaches, can anyone help me suggesting source material.
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The citation information and abstract for my paper, "Maps and Absent Symbols," keeps disappearing. I have added this information several times, but it seems to be automatically deleted. Someone from "The PhilPapers Team" also tried adding the correct information, but it disappeared again. The paper's PhilPapers entry is here: http://philpapers.org/rec/BROMAA-10

Thank you for your assistance.


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The PhilPapers Foundation and the Philosophy Documentation Center will be joining forces to bring the best possible research index to the community of philosophers. 

The Philosophy Documentation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable access to essential resources in the humanities and social sciences. PDC supports scholarly work in many fields with customized publishing and membership services, digitization solutions, and secure hosting. PDC produces Philosophy Research Index, a database of bibliographic information on articles, books, reviews, dissertations, and other documents in philosophy comprising over 1.3M entries. Philosophy Research Index is currently the largest research index in philosophy, with more entries than PhilPapers (1.1M entries) and Philosophers' Index (540,000 entries) 

The agreement between PDC and the PhilPapers Foundation has two main components: First, the Philosophy Research Index database will be incorporated as part of PhilPapers ... (read more)

Oh dear. I changed my name from Peter Jones to Peter G. Jones to clear up some confusion caused by having such a common name and have promptly lost all my 'followers'. I assumed that it would be a citation/reference change only, but apparently not. 

Is there anything I can do about this?


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For PhilPapers to survive and thrive, it needs financial support.  In five years, PhilPapers has grown from a side project into the most widely used bibliographical resource in the field.  During this time, many changes have taken place.  David Bourget, the architect of PhilPapers, now has a tenure-track appointment with teaching, research, and service duties in addition to PhilPapers. We need technical staff that can assume David's many roles, from server maintenance and administrative support to application programming and user interface design. A whole team is needed for PhilPapers to thrive and develop to its full potential.

We have considered many different financial models, including asking for donations and requiring subscriptions.  After much consultation, it has become clear to us that the best way forward is a model involving annual subscriptions for large institutions.

Starting June 1, 2014, we ask large institutions (especially universities) to pay an annual subscription fee for ... (read more)

It seems odd to me that there is no refereeing of submitted articles. Amateurs cannot easily post on forums yet seem to be able to submit essays to the archive without any quality checks. Is this the case, or did I miss something?

If so, this does not seem the correct way around. It should surely be more difficult to archive an article here than post a message in the forums.

I mention this because the other day I referred someone to an article on philpapers during a discussion, thinking that this connection would lend the article some credibility, only to be told that any old fool could archive stuff here. I found that I wasn't able to deny this assertion.

What should I have said in response? 


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After clicking "Submit" i see the window:

Processing bibliography ..

Initializing ..

and i can't go any further.

This happens even with the .bib files that were succesfully uploaded before (half a year ago).

The PhilPapers category system now contains comprehensive bibliographies for a large number of areas of philosophy.  We now have 450 subject editors editing 1357 bibliographies (a comprehensive list is here).  Over the last year or so we have introduced a number of features to make the bibliography system more effective.

First, bibliographies are now supplemented with a summary of the key themes and issues involved, a list of key works, and a list of introductory works, compiled by the editor for that category.  For now, about 600 categories (listed here) have these summaries. Eventually, all categories will have them.

Second, we have introduced topical subcategories for categories on historical figures, linked to the PhilPapers subject categories wherever possible.  For example "Kant: Perception" is a subcategory of Kant and is also listed under Perception.  A number of historical figures now have a detailed subcategory system: notably Aristotle, Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, H ... (read more)

How could I unlink the (mistakenly entered, since deleted) reference to the collection in which a paper appears in? See http://philpapers.org/rec/LIAEAA . Thanks.

Hi,The abstract of my paper from Philosophy, as it appears on the PhilPapers site, is missing words (so it makes no sense). I've tried to fix it myself but I always get an error message: 'some mandatory information is missing.' I can't find anything missing. How can I fix this? Thanks
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Sometimes the maintenance bot appears to be overaggressive in pruning the records. For example, I just noticed that an overview that I co-authored with Tamar Gendler

has been changed to have the same details as Gendler's 2000 imaginative resistance paper.


A related problem is that there is no easy way for me to reverse the changes except redoing everything manually. Wikis have an option to reverse edits. It would be nice if the same option existed on the Revisions History page.


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This way of sifting through material to categorize via David Bourget is very helpful:

Go to "Material to Categorize" for your category, or just go to the category directly. In the "search inside" box, use a query like this:

@source "journal of philosophy" or use keywords like "neuroethics"

This will show you all the contents under this category that have this source. To see the material to categorize, order the results by category. The material to categorize will be at the top of the
listing. To see the categorization shortcuts, enable this option in the options on the right.

Using this search method can allow you to go through and categorize everything in one area of philosophy or from one journal at a time. Anyway, I found this very useful - hope it helps other editors (especially if you are dealing with a big back-log)

Hi, the "embed my works" widget looks to have a lot of potential.  But is it possible to have it list only one's published (or only unpublished) works?  Or to change the list order (by pub date, title, etc.)?

This may be an artifact of various blocking programs I have, but I do not see any button to resign from a leaf or category editorship. Please help?
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We are glad to announce the official launch of the Centre for Digital Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. The Centre will be based in the Department of Philosophy at Western. David Bourget will head the Centre. David Chalmers will be associate director. 

CDP will advance research and education in philosophy through digital means. In particular, it will continue the development of PhilPapers, PhilEvents, PhilJobs, and other Phil* projects we have initiated. CDP will also support projects that aim to advance our understanding of philosophy and philosophical problems through technology or technology-centric methods. There are possibilities for PhD studentships and postdocs for individuals pursuing relevant research. The Centre also needs Perl and Groovy programmers.

CDP's initial partners include the American Philosophical Association, the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London, the Australian National University, and other un ... (read more)

I am not sure that I understand how the changelog (edlog) works. For example, http://philpapers.org/rec/MORTCO-9 is categorized as 'Divine attributes, misc'. But in the changelog (for editors) of this category it says for this item 'removed'. But it has not been removed, it is still there. Further, if I click 'reverse', it is still in this category. What is the effect of the 'reverse'? What am I misunderstanding?

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In one category of mine (http://philpapers.org/browse/christianity) I have many entries in languages which I do not understand. Many of these entries seem to be not philosophy. Editing categories gets difficult in that case. Do many editors encounter that problem?

I wonder if PhilPapers if optimized for Google Scholar crawling. The guidelines are at http://scholar.google.com/intl/en/scholar/inclusion.html#crawl . In my own case, versions of my papers that are archived on PhilPapers DO NOT show up as one of the versions on Google Scholar. Since PhilPapers is quite successful in getting many philosophers to upload no-paywall versions of their work, it would be great that it also shows up in other search engines.
In particular, without knowing all the technical details, I worry that some setup of PhilPapers makes it less accessible to indexing robots. Often, when I go from one entry to another, my browser history shows several distinct accesses. So I wonder if there are some subtle reloading happening at a level not visible to the end user but disruptive to bots.
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I propose that there be a subtopic of 'Pride' to be categorized as follows:

Value Theory: Normative Ethics: Moral Psychology: Moral States and Processes: Pride

This subtopic would be siblings with anger, envy, gratitude, guilt and shame, hope, jealousy, and love, among others. I estimate that there would presently be about 20 entries, which would place it on par with many of its siblings (as far as popularity goes).

I also think the emotion of contempt merits its own subtopic, given the important recent attention given to it. There would be at least five entries for contempt.
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  • David Chalmers, 2013-09-02 : I just added Pride.  We usually want 15 or so entries for a new category, so I haven't added Contempt.
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When I select 'global metaphysical theories' in the categorisation system I am presented with a list of theories that does not include mine, and I am forced to select 'miscellaneous'. I would rather not do this. It seems odd that nondualism, as a distinct and unfalsified solution for consciousness, is not given an easily findable category. This cannot help its cause. .    

Would it be possible to add it to the list of global theories? Or did I just fail to see it?

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