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Current Trends
I've just finished my MA and I'm thinking about writing a paper in my spare time in order to get my first publication, but I want to do it in a relevant area to give it the best shot I can.

In this respect, what do you think are the current trends in philosophical research? 

Current Trends
Down below I have listed few books which

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I have read or have plans of reading.
Can you guys suggest other important, landmark books and journal papers in the topics I have mentioned. Because, as you can already see, <strong><a href="">moncler</a></strong>none of the books I have mentioned below doesnt directly expound on the topics I am looking for.

Current Trends
My first reaction is to suggest that careers are not built on following trends but on setting them.   

Current Trends

You might check out this book, it.

Also The Philosopher's Magazine ran an issue a couple of months ago about the best ideas of the 21st Century


Current Trends
From the way your question is phrased, I suspect that you are hoping to make your mark on some current issue. If I am correct, your drive is obviously admirable. 
Assuming my suspicion is true, I suggest that you ignore what the current trends are. Instead, pick something that is interesting to you. If you let others or 'current trends' determine your philosophical projects you may be less original, and therefore your contributions to philosophy may be less interesting and valuable.

Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with getting involved with contemporary debates! Especially since your colleagues are alive, answer emails, etc. You can contribute significantly to philosophy by communing with living philosophers as with dead ones. Many philosophers cut their teeth dealing with historical figures and then go on to take their response to say Descartes or Aristotle into current debates.

Current debates are just that. Trends come and go. Who knows maybe it will be trendy to be an idealist in 100 years.