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Possible Future Revisions
This is excellent thanks. Here are a couple of suggestions:

(1) It would be good if one could filter the search by rank or by whether the job is for either junior or senior level position.
(2) I would prefer it if it just listed all the search results on one page.
(3) I find PhilJobs a little more difficult to read than And Phylo jobs has certain nice features (like integration with Google Maps). Perhaps, the two teams could get together and collaborate. Philosophy needs a service like this, but we need just one service, not two.

Possible Future Revisions
Thanks for the suggestions. 
Re (1), this is done using the 'contract type' option, which allows you to select tenure track or permanent (i.e. tenured) jobs. 

Re (2), the printable mode does that, but not the on-screen mode unfortunately. We might enable this for the on-screen mode eventually. 

Re (3), we're open to any suggestions you might have regarding readability. 

Instead of displaying jobs on a map, we give you the option to search by proximity to a city, country, or region.

Re 2 vs 1, I don't see how it could hurt to have several  groups try to offer the best service so long as information propagates freely between them (so that job seekers don't have to search multiple databases). Of course we're open to sharing information with Phylo. Also, note that there's always been many ways to advertise jobs, e.g. JFP, philos-l, philupdates,,, the CPA's website, a-phil in Australia, etc. This hasn't hurt anyone as far as I can tell.  

Possible Future Revisions
Hi David,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Regarding (1), I don't see how the contract type search function differentiates between senior (in the US these are tenured associate and full professor positions) and junior (in the US these are non-tenured assistant professor, adjunct, and post-doc) positions. The current options are:

Fixed term
Continuing or permanent
Contract type open

If you choose "continuing or permanent," you get both assistant professor positions and associate professor positions. But I imagine that there are two mutually exclusive groups of job searchers: (1) those looking for a junior position and (2) those looking for a senior position. Since those looking for a junior position are rarely, if ever, interested in applying for a senior position and since those looking for a senior position are rarely, if ever, interested in applying for a junior position, it would be useful to screen out those results that one isn't interested in.

Regarding readability, I would like to see application deadline included after AOS and AOC on the initial page of search results. And, personally, I would find it more readable if the labels AOS, AOC, and Deadline were in bold.

Also, I think that it would be better to have the search box on the right or at the top. This way the search results wouldn't start in the middle of page once you've scroll down beyond the search box.

Of course, these are just one man's opinions. And, again, excellent job, which is much appreciated.

Possible Future Revisions
Hi Douglas, if you tick only "continuing or permanent", you shouldn't get assistant professor jobs in the US, because a tenured-track job isn't a permanent or continuing job until tenure. So you can select only the senior jobs in the US (that said, sometimes people misclassify their jobs. I just reclassified one assistant prof job from continuing/permanent to tenure-track). It's in non-US systems like the UK that this doesn't always work because they don't make a distinction between tenured and non-tenured -- in the UK most junior lectureships are 'continuing' like senior lectureships. 
I will try out your formatting suggestions.