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Representationalism category
It's become somewhat unwieldy, with 114 papers. Perhaps subdivide into: representationalism, general works; pain; spectral inversion; intentionalism; contents of experience; higher-order thought; transparency; nonrepresentational phenomenology; representationalism and reduction; phenomenal internalism and externalism.

Representationalism category
Reply to Benj Hellie
We already have categories for a lot of those topics: e.g. inversion, contents of exp, HOT, transparency, phenomenal internalism/externalism, intentionalism about perception.  Maybe we could link them to representationalism in some way, e.g. as secondary subtopics of the consciousness/content topic.  Dividing representationalism itself is made tricky by the 5-level constraint.  Moving representationalism to its own level-4 category under consciousness is probably suboptimal because of huge overlap with the existing "consciousness and content" category.  We might have to drop the 5-level constraint eventually, but for now I think that 114 isn't too awful.