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New features

We have recently implemented four new features: entries for books and book chapters, automatic content alerts, a new categorization tool, and automatic repopulating of entries at the bottom of a page.

(1) We have downloaded a database of books in philosophy from the Library of Congress (using a combination of call-number and keyword matching), and we are currently finding associated book previews on Google Books and are adding these to the database. These books do not show up on the "recent items" page (they would overrun it), but you will see them when searching. We expect to be add around 200 books per day in coming weeks, starting with the most recent titles.

(2) We have now implemented an option for automatic "content alerts" alerting you of new items in your selected journals or your areas of interest, and of items meeting many other criteria of your choosing. Some of you will have received multiple long content alerts on the first round, due to a bug that has now been fixed.  The feature is explained in the "My Alerts" feature of your profile.

(3) We have refined the fine-grained categorization tool which appears when you click "categorize" under an entry. This tool allows you to quickly categorize individual entries or multiple entries at a time. We are grateful to the PhilPapers users who have already been using the categorization tool, and we hope that the refined tool enhances this process.

(4) The "new items" page and many other pages now fill themselves with more items automatically when you reach the bottom of the page.  We would like to thank Wolfgang Schwarz for contributing this high-tech feature, along with other Javascript features such as instant changes to pages upon checking checkboxes.

There are undoubtedly bugs associated with these new components, and we appreciate the help of beta testers in uncovering them.  Please use the bug report links as before to alert us of any problems.

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