Philosophy of Law


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For past some decades,  ’inquiries under rubric of informal justice’ have taken significant amount of space and time.  People have been talking much on it, and professors and professionals of law are engaged in discourse, planning activities and educating people. Many things have been told about it. There are enthusiasm and scepticism both looming large. Some people present it as an alternative to formal system and others as complimenting. However, the philosophical digging of the idea seems less and the ‘risk or danger of informal justice system’ being used not for sake of justice of needy but for subjective satisfaction of academics and vested interest of those seeing popularize themselves  is evident. Let us look it from the perspective of ‘anthropology of law’—a system of justice is a means of satisfying ‘psychological satisfaction’ of individual. According to this theory, the tendency of using ‘right’  as claim in absolute term would be soften by ‘having no cha ... (read more)

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