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Có thể nói tôi là người không giỏi nhưng đổi lại tôi là người may mắn hơn người khác. Chính là sống trong 1 gia đình tràn đấy tiếng cười, tốt nghiệp đại học tôi rất tình cờ vào với nghề tư vấn bảo hiểm. Và tôi đã chọn bảo hiểm bảo minh

tôi học xong ra trường đã rất vất vả khi tìm cho mình được một công việc và hiện nay tôi đang làm kinh doanh bất động sản, tôi thấy làm nghề này rất hay lại kiếm được nhiều tiền, mọi người cho ý kiến và hãy nói về nghề của mình đang làm và lý do làm nhé.dưới đây là website của tôi mọi người vào xem và ủng hộ nhé

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The Witherspoon Institute is sponsoring the 8th annual Thomistic Seminar led by Professor John Haldane (University of St. Andrews) on themes in analytic and Thomistic philosophy, both modern and pre-modern. This year's seminar will study The Philosophy of Alasdair MacIntyre and Thomas Aquinas. Topics tentatively include The Nature of Philosophy, Truth and Objectivity, Human Nature, Morality, and Politics.

Professor Haldane will be joined by Professors Sarah Broadie (St. Andrews), David Solomon (Notre Dame), and Candace Vogler (Chicago). The seminar will take place August 4-10 in Princeton, New Jersey.

The seminar is open to graduate students in philosophy. Students in related disciplines, and who have a background in philosophy, may also apply. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2013.

For more information, including on how to apply, please visit

A flier for the seminar is available here: ... (read more)


it is a pleasure for me  to inform you that we have arranged a new course at distance on Quantum Cognition. Please, visit our web site  for details.
On the same site you find also details on a new at distance course on applications of Herat Rate Variability in psychophysiology. I retain it may be of interest. 
Regards. EC

Centre for Positve Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS) worked on two documents i.e. Positive Philosophy for Contemporary Indian Society and Philosophy, Education and Indian Value System for online publication. We want to work on Research Methodology in Philosophy course. We need your help to draw an outline of course content which should be included in this course and suggestions for suggested readings/resources. This course will be a simple introduction for students of philosophy and will be helpful for students of graduate and postgraduate level. Always seeking your guidance and motivation for our work.

I am starting to apply to PhD programs, and I hope to specialize in philosophy of science (particularly information science). I have a strong interest in logic, and I know that I have to complete certain requirements for universities teaching in the analytic tradition. I did not have logic as an undergrad (I was on the religious studies side of the department). I have been diligently studying by myself, but I am trying to get an idea of what level of study I should be comfortable with. I am currently working through Symbolic Logic I, available from MIT though open courseware. I have also worked through a couple other symbolic logic texts (Logic for Dummies, and Introduction to Logic by PD Magnus). I have mostly been working with sentential and predicate logic, truth tables, and some proofs. Should I worry about set theory, incompleteness, or other logics (many-valued, fuzzy, modal, etc). I might be over worrying, but I want to be a strong student and be sure that I am prepared.


Jus ... (read more)
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I'm curious what professors think about the future of "distance learning" MA/PhD programs in philosophy.

There's no doubting the fact that the Internet has changed, and continues to change, the way philosophy is done.  Surely there is room for criticism as well as celebration here.  Rather than invite a loose discussion of all the issues involved in such changes, however, I want to focus attention on the future of online learning.  (For a point of reference, here is a link to the Open University's MA in Philosophy page.)

We might divide the issue into two sides:  the theoretical and the practical. 

I anticipate that most of the objections to such programs will come from the theoretical side.  Some professors might resist any threats to the sanctity of the traditional classroom, perhaps because the immediacy and intimacy of face-to-face interactions are too important to philosophy education.  Also, many people tend to resist any substitution of "reality" with "virtuali ... (read more)
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