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19th Century Philosophy

Edited by Michelle Kosch (Cornell University)
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  1. L. Baronovitch (1981). Pierre Bayle and Karl Marx. International Philosophical Quarterly 21 (2):159-170.
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    19th Century American Phil
     John Dewey
     William James
     George Herbert Mead
     Ralph Waldo Emerson
     Charles Sanders Peirce
     Josiah Royce
     19th Century American Pragmatism, Misc
     19th Century American Phil, Misc
    19th Century Austrian Phil
     Franz Brentano
     Sigmund Freud
     Ernst Mach
     Alexius Meinong
     19th Century Austrian Phil, Misc
    19th Century British Phil
     Jeremy Bentham
     Francis Herbert Bradley
     T. H. Green
     John Stuart Mill
     Henry Sidgwick
     19th Century British Phil, Misc
    19th Century German Phil
     Wilhelm Dilthey
     Friedrich Engels
     Ludwig Feuerbach
     Johann Gottlieb Fichte
     Gottlob Frege
     G. W. F. Hegel
     Karl Marx
     Friedrich Nietzsche
     Friedrich Schelling
     Friedrich Schleiermacher
     Arthur Schopenhauer
     19th Century German Phil, Misc
    19th Century Phil, Miscellaneous
     Søren Kierkegaard
     19th Century Logic
     19th Century Phil, Misc
     19th Century Political Phil
     19th Century Ethics
    19th Century French Phil
     Auguste Comte
     19th Century French Phil, Misc
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