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  1. Demuijnck Geert (2008). Multiculturalism, Collective Identities and Special Obligations to Compatriots. In Artur Szutta (ed.), Multiculturalism. What Common Identity?
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  2. Kristina Meshelski (forthcoming). Procedural Justice and Affirmative Action. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice:1-19.
    There is widespread agreement among both supporters and opponents that affirmative action either must not violate any principle of equal opportunity or procedural justice, or if it does, it may do so only given current extenuating circumstances. Many believe that affirmative action is morally problematic, only justified to the extent that it brings us closer to the time when we will no longer need it. In other words, those that support affirmative action believe it is acceptable in nonideal theory, but (...)
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