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African/Africana Philosophy

Edited by Barry Hallen (Morehouse College)
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  1. added 2014-11-06
    Thaddeus Metz (forthcoming). An African Egalitarianism: Bringing Community to Bear on Equality. In George Hull (ed.), The Equal Society.
    What might egalitarianism look like if it were derived not from Western moral principles such as utilitarianism and Kantianism, but rather one informed by another, sub-Saharan African tradition? Would it prescribe the same kinds of approaches to distributive, and in particular economic, justice at the national level and for the same reasons? In this chapter, I consider what prima facie attractive communitarian ethical perspectives salient among indigenous peoples below the Sahara entail for distributive justice within a state, and I argue (...)
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  2. added 2014-10-11
    Thaddeus Metz (2014). Review of Leonhard Praeg, A Report on Ubuntu, and of Leonhard Praeg and Siphokazi Magadla (Eds), Ubuntu: Curating the Archive. [REVIEW] Philosophical Papers 43 (3):447-453.