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African/Africana Philosophy

Edited by Barry Hallen (Morehouse College)
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  1. Kwasi Wiredu (1995). The Concept of Mind. In Safro Kwame (ed.), Readings in African Philosophy: An Akan Collection. University Press of America 125--145.
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    African Philosophy
     African Phil: Topics
     African Phil: History and Traditions
     African Phil: Themes
     African Philosophy: General Works
     African Philosophy, Misc
    Arabic and Islamic Phil
     Medieval Arabic and Islamic Philosophy
     Arabic and Islamic Philosophy, Misc
    African-American Phil
     Movements in African-American Phil
     Topics in African-American Phil
     Conceptions of Race
     The Politics of Race
     Racial Identity
     Topics in the Phil of Race
     African-American Phil, Misc
    Afro-Caribbean PhilAfrican/Africana Phil, Miscellaneous
     African and African-American Phil
     African Diaspora
     Afro-European Phil
     African/Africana Phil, Misc
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