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General Editors
David Bourget (University of Western Ontario)
David Chalmers (Australian National University; New York University)

Assistant General Editor: Steve Pearce (UWO)

Areas and Area Editors
Metaphysics and Epistemology
Epistemology (Matthew McGrath)
Metaphilosophy (Jonathan Ichikawa)
Metaphysics (Jonathan Schaffer)
Philosophy of Action (Constantine Sandis)
Philosophy of Language (Berit Brogaard)
Philosophy of Mind (David Chalmers, David Bourget)
Philosophy of Religion (Thomas Senor)
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Metaphysics and Epistemology (239,601)
Epistemology (26,031)Matthew McGrath
Epistemological States and Properties (4,828 | 839)
Metaphilosophy (3,819)Jonathan Ichikawa
Metaphysics (33,418)Jonathan Schaffer
Causation, Laws, etc (5,911 | 1,442)Helen Beebee
Modality (2,913 | 100)Tuomas E. Tahko
Objects (4,698)Daniel Z. Korman
Philosophy of Action (17,406)Constantine Sandis
Action Theory (5,935 | 226)Andrei Buckareff
Philosophy of Language (33,396)Berit Brogaard
Meaning (6,397 | 1,161)Steven Gross
Intentionality* (7,610 | 1,473)Robert Rupert
Specific Expressions (6,644 | 188)
Adverbs (31)
Generics (65)
Questions (119)
Quotation (145)
Philosophy of Mind (61,626)David Chalmers and David Bourget
Philosophy of Consciousness (16,628 | 5,241)David Chalmers
Intentionality (7,610 | 1,473)Robert Rupert
Perception (9,325 | 1,284)Benj Hellie
Metaphysics of Mind (6,243 | 2,075)
Free Will* (6,064 | 287)Neil Levy
Mental States and Processes (16,316 | 2,289)
Belief* (1,069 | 638)
Memory* (4,097 | 1,584)John Sutton
Moral Psychology* (10,096 | 433)Joshua May
Philosophy of Religion (54,265)Thomas Senor
Religious Topics (5,437 | 256)
Prayer (56)
Prophecy (85)
M&E, Misc (118)
Value Theory (367,880)Daniel Star
Aesthetics (39,985)Rafael De Clercq
Applied Ethics (112,268)Ezio Di Nucci
Biomedical Ethics (50,500 | 29,946)L. Syd M Johnson
Business Ethics (16,666 | 14,452)Joakim Sandberg
Meta-Ethics (8,524)Daniel Star
Normative Ethics (24,573)Jussi Suikkanen
Moral Psychology (10,096 | 433)Joshua May
Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality (19,232)Lynne Tirrell
Feminist Philosophy (11,480 | 1,561)Alison Bailey and Ann Garry
Philosophy of Race (2,352 | 665)Quayshawn Spencer
Affirmative Action* (106 | 96)
Philosophy of Sexuality (2,193 | 360)Benjamin Smart
Philosophy of Law (12,029)
Social and Political Philosophy (79,011)
Rights (5,127 | 1,931)Tom Dougherty
Value Theory, Miscellaneous (43,070)Gwen Bradford
Value (2,474 | 27)
Science, Logic, and Mathematics (266,784)
Logic and Philosophy of Logic (43,238)
Philosophy of Biology (23,424)John Wilkins
Philosophy of Cognitive Science (57,953)Gualtiero Piccinini
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (6,605 | 2,261)Eric Dietrich