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  1. Gregory Baum, John Aloysius Coleman & Marcus Lefébure (eds.) (1984). The Sexual Revolution. T. & T. Clark.
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  2. Nikolay Milkov (2011). Sexual Experience. In McEnvoy Adrienne (ed.), Sex, Love, and Friendship, vol. 2. Rodopi
    The paper follows an ontological approach in analyzing sexual experience. Sexual experience is defined as: (i) an experience in action. Correspondingly, its individuals are of two different types: (a) sense-data and (b) gestures. (ii) It is a kind of knowledge—a typical synthetic a posteriori knowledge (a virgin cannot know what sexual experience could be). (iii) It is a kind of anti-realist knowledge—its objects are constructed in the process of knowing. (iv) Sexual action proceeds in judgments that are micro-decisions of how (...)
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  3. Alan Soble (2009). A History of Erotic Philosophy. Journal of Sex Research 49 (2-3):104-120.
  4. Alan Soble (2006). Review of Joan McGregor, Is It Rape? [REVIEW] Law and Philosophy 25 (6).
  5. Alan Soble (ed.) (2002). The Philosophy of Sex: Contemporary Readings. Rowman & Littlefield.
  6. Alan Soble (1999). Loose Women, Lecherous Men. Teaching Philosophy 22 (4):411-416.
  7. Alan Soble (1997). Antioch's “Sexual Offense Policy”: A Philosophical Exploration. Journal of Social Philosophy 28 (1):22-36.
    An analytic investigation of Antioch's "Sexual Offense Policy.".
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  8. A. Thatcher (1996). Safe Sex, Unsafe Arguments. Studies in Christian Ethics 9 (2):66-77.