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  1. added 2015-03-04
    Zhihua Guo, Huaixin Cao & Shixian Qu (2015). Structures of Three Types of Local Quantum Channels Based on Quantum Correlations. Foundations of Physics 45 (4):355-369.
    In a bipartite quantum system, quantum states are classified as classically correlated and quantum correlated states, the later are important resources of quantum information and computation protocols. Since correlations of quantum states may vary under a quantum channel, it is necessary to explore the influence of quantum channels on correlations of quantum states. In this paper, we discuss CC-preserving, QC-breaking and strongly CC-preserving local quantum channels of the form \ and obtain the structures of these three types of local quantum (...)
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  2. added 2015-02-07
    This presentation includes a complete bibliography of John Corcoran’s publications devoted at least in part to Aristotle’s logic. Sections I–IV list 20 articles, 43 abstracts, 3 books, and 10 reviews. It starts with two watershed articles published in 1972: the Philosophy & Phenomenological Research article that antedates Corcoran’s Aristotle’s studies and the Journal of Symbolic Logic article first reporting his original results; it ends with works published in 2015. A few of the items are annotated with endnotes connecting them with (...)
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  3. added 2015-02-03
    Obdulio Banda (ed.) (2,008). Hacia el análisis ontológico-categorial de lo lógico. Fondo Editorial IIPCIAL.
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