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  1. Sean Brady (2012). John Addington Symonds (1840-1893) and Homosexuality: A Critical Edition of Sources. Palgrave Macmillan.
    This volume is an indispensable reference for a wide range of scholars working across multidisciplinary fields of inquiry that focus on British and continental histories of medicine and sexuality, gender history and studies of nineteenth ...
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  2. Andreas De Block & Pieter Adriaens (2004). Darwinizing Sexual Ambivalence: A New Evolutionary Hypothesis of Male Homosexuality. Philosophical Psychology 17 (1):59 – 76.
    At first sight, homosexuality has little to do with reproduction. Nevertheless, many neo-Darwinian theoreticians think that human homosexuality may have had a procreative value, since it enabled the close kin of homosexuals to have more viable offspring than individuals lacking the support of homosexual siblings. In this article, however, we will defend an alternative hypothesis - originally put forward by Freud in "A phylogenetic phantasy" - namely that homosexuality evolved as a means to strengthen social bonds. Consequently, from an evolutionary (...)
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  3. Christopher Horvath (2007). Biological Explanations of Human Sexuality: The Genetic Basis of Sexual Orientation. In David L. Hull & Michael Ruse (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology. Cambridge University Press.
  4. Yi Jiang, Patricia Costello, Fang Fang, Miner Huang & Sheng He (2006). A Gender- and Sexual Orientation-Dependent Spatial Attentional Effect of Invisible Images. Pnas 103 (45):17048 -17052.
  5. Noretta Koertge (ed.) (1981). The Nature and Causes of Homosexuality: A Philosophic and Scientific Inquiry. Haworth Press.
    For a balanced discussion of the main social, medical, and philosophical aspects of homosexuality, here is the ideal book. Written by philosophers of science, each comprehensive chapter takes a critical look at research on the etiology of homosexuality. Read Philosophy and Homosexuality and examine the evidence for both the sociobiological and hormonal explanations of homosexuality and study the definitions of sexual orientation and how they have affected research.
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  6. Helga Kuhse & Peter Singer (1998). From the Editors: Choosing the Sex, Race and Sexual Orientation of Our Children. Bioethics 12 (1):iii–v.
  7. M. MacCulloch (1980). Biological Aspects of Homosexuality. Journal of Medical Ethics 6 (3):133-138.
  8. Janice McLaughlin (2010). Where's the Harm? : Challenging Bioethical Support of Prenatal Selection for Sexual Orientation. In Jackie Leach Scully, Laurel Baldwin-Ragaven & Petya Fitzpatrick (eds.), Feminist Bioethics: At the Center, on the Margins. Johns Hopkins University Press.
  9. Timothy F. Murphy (1995). Abortion and the Ethics of Genetic Sexual Orientation Research. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 4 (03):340-.
  10. Charles Weijer, Queer Science: The Use and Abuse of Research Into Homosexuality.