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  1. Varun Dutt, Horacio Arlo-Costa, Jeffrey Helzner & Cleotilde Gonzalez (2014). The Description–Experience Gap in Risky and Ambiguous Gambles. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 27 (4):316-327.
  2. Jeffrey Friedman (2009). A Crisis of Politics, Not Economics: Complexity, Ignorance, and Policy Failure. Critical Review 21 (2-3):127-183.
    ABSTRACT The financial crisis was caused by the complex, constantly growing web of regulations designed to constrain and redirect modern capitalism. This complexity made investors, bankers, and perhaps regulators themselves ignorant of regulations promulgated across decades and in different ?fields? of regulation. These regulations interacted with each other to foster the issuance and securitization of subprime mortgages; their rating as AA or AAA; and previously their concentration on the balance sheets (and off the balance sheets) of many commercial and investment (...)
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