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Edited by Daniel Star (Boston University)
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  1. Sven Nyholm (2006). Reason-Based Value or Value-Based Reasons? In Björn Haglund & Helge Malmgren (eds.), Kvantifikator För En Dag. Essays Dedicated to Dag Westerståhl on His Sixtieth Birthday. Philosophical Communications. 193-202.
    In this paper, I discuss practical reasons and value, assuming a coexistence thesis according to which reasons and value always go together. I start by doing some taxonomy, distinguishing among three different ways of accounting for the relation between practical reasons and the good. I argue that, of these views, the most plausible one is that according to which something’s being good just consists in how certain facts about the thing in question – other than that of how it is (...)
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    Moral Judgment
     Moral Cognitivism
     Moral Emotivism and Sentimentalism
     Moral Expressivism
     Internalism and Externalism about Moral Judgment
     Moral Noncognitivism
     Moral Judgment, Misc
    Moral Naturalism and Non-Naturalism
     Moral Naturalism
     Moral Nonnaturalism
     Moral Supervenience
     The Naturalistic Fallacy
     The Open Question Argument
     The Is/Ought Gap
     Moral Naturalism and Non-Naturalism, Misc
    Moral Realism and Irrealism
     Moral Realism
     Moral Irrealism
     Moral Realism and Irrealism, Miscellaneous
    Moral Epistemology
     Moral Coherentism
     Moral Intuitionism
     Moral Disagreement
     Moral Justification
     Moral Rationalism
     Moral Skepticism
     Moral Uncertainty
     Reflective Equilibrium
     Moral Epistemology, Misc
    Moral Language
     Moral Expressivism
     Moral Prescriptivism
     Moral Semantics
     Moral Language, Misc
    Moral Normativity
     Ought Implies Can
     Moral Normativity, Misc
     Moral Norms
     Values and Norms
    Moral Principles
     Moral Generalism
     Categorical and Hypothetical Imperatives
     Moral Generalizations
     Moral Particularism
     Moral Principles, Misc
     Moral Universalizability
    Moral Reasoning and Motivation
     Internalism and Externalism about Moral Judgment
     Internalism and Externalism about Reasons
     Moral Judgment
     Moral Concepts
     Moral Motivation
     Moral Rationality
     Moral Reasons
     Moral Reasoning and Motivation, Misc
    Moral Responsibility
     Control and Responsibility
     Doing and Allowing
     Free Will and Responsibility
     Moral Responsibility, Misc
     Responsibility and Reactive Attitudes
     Collective Responsibility
     Psychopathology and Responsibility
     Responsibility in Applied Ethics
    Moral Value
     Theories of Moral Value
     Varieties of Moral Value
     Topics in Moral Value
     Moral Value, Misc
    Practical Reason
     Moral Psychology
     Moral Reasoning and Motivation
     Practical Reason, Misc
    Meta-Ethics, Miscellaneous
     Meta-Ethics, General Works
     Meta-Ethics, Misc
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