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  1. added 2016-05-13
    Valentin Cheshko, Valery Glazko, Gleb Yu Kosovsky & Anna S. Peredyadenko (eds.) (2015). STABLE ADAPTIVE STRATEGY of HOMO SAPIENS and EVOLUTIONARY RISK of HIGH TECH. Transdisciplinary Essay. New Publ.Tech..
    The co-evolutionary concept of Three-modal stable evolutionary strategy of Homo sapiens is developed. The concept based on the principle of evolutionary complementarity of anthropogenesis: value of evolutionary risk and evolutionary path of human evolution are defined by descriptive (evolutionary efficiency) and creative-teleological (evolutionary correctly) parameters simultaneously, that cannot be instrumental reduced to others ones. Resulting volume of both parameters define the trends of biological, social, cultural and techno-rationalistic human evolution by two gear mechanism ˗ gene-cultural co-evolution and techno- humanitarian balance. (...)
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  2. added 2016-05-13
    Cheshko Valentin Glazko Valery I. (ed.) (2007). «DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE» IN «THE RISK SOCIETY» (Age of Genetics and Biotec. Publ.House "INGEK".
    At the heart of the book - two views (naturalist and humanist) on the dangers of and Prospects of "scientific and technological progress," that defining the face of modern civilization. Its leaders are now the information, genetic cal and biological technology.
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  3. added 2016-04-23
    Giuseppe Iurato (2015). A Simple Phylogenetic Remark About Certain Human Blood Pressure Values. Journal of Biochemistry International 2 (4):162-165.
    In this brief note, we wish to put forward an evolutionary biopsychology hypothesis on some features of the physiological phenomenon of human blood pressure. A possible conclusion springing out from this note, is the identification of a phylogenetic recurrence along the epi-ontogenetic evolution of human being.
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