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  1. Bettina Bergo (2003). Evolution and Force: Anxiety in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Southern Journal of Philosophy 41 (2):143-168.
  2. Paul Katsafanas (forthcoming). Nietzsche on the Nature of the Unconscious. Inquiry:1-26.
    This paper argues that Nietzsche develops a novel and compelling account of the distinction between conscious and unconscious mental states: he argues that conscious mental states are those with conceptual content, whereas unconscious mental states are those with nonconceptual content. I show that Nietzsche?s puzzling claim that consciousness is ?superficial? and ?falsifying? can be given a straightforward explanation if we accept this understanding of the conscious/unconscious distinction. I originally defended this view in my ?Nietzsche?s Theory of Mind: Consciousness and Conceptualization? (...)
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