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  1. Andrew Jason Cohen (1999). In Defense of Nietzschean Genealogy. Philosophical Forum 30 (4):269–288.
    Using Alasdair MacIntyre as a foil, I defend what I take to be a viable Nietzschean genealogical account, showing that a proper perspectivism is neither perniciously subjectivist nor absolutist. I begin by arguing against MacIntyre’s assertion that genealogists are committed to the view that rationality requires neutrality and that as there is no neutrality, there is no rationality. I then continue by offering something of a reconstruction of Nietzsche’s view, designed partly to clarify the error pinpointed in MacIntyre’s arguments, but (...)
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  2. Ken Gemes & Christopher Janaway (2005). Naturalism and Value in Nietzsche. [REVIEW] Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 71 (3):729–740.
  3. Ted Sadler (1995). Nietzsche: Truth and Redemption: Critique of the Postmodernist Nietzsche. Athlone Press.
    This challenging new reading of Nietzsche counters the highly misleading interpretation of post-modern commentators.
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