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  1. Nancy Bauer (2003). Is Feminist Philosophy a Contradiction in Terms? In G. Lee Bowie, Robert C. Solomon & Meredith W. Michaels (eds.), Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy.
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  2. Claudia Card (2003). Anita M. Superson and Ann E. Cudd, Eds., Theorizing Backlash: Philosophical Reflections on the Resistance to Feminism:Theorizing Backlash: Philosophical Reflections on the Resistance to Feminism. [REVIEW] Ethics 114 (1):193-195.
  3. Sharon Crasnow (2007). Review of Iddo Landau, Is Philosophy Androcentric?. [REVIEW] Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2007 (2).
    of Iddo Landau, (from Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews).
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  4. Ezio Di Nucci (forthcoming). Fathers and Abortion. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy:jhu021.
    I argue that it is possible for prospective mothers to wrong prospective fathers by bearing their child; and that lifting paternal liability for child support does not correct the wrong inflicted to fathers. It is therefore sometimes wrong for prospective mothers to bear a child, or so I argue here. I show that my argument for considering the legitimate interests of prospective fathers is not a unique exception to an obvious right to procreate. It is, rather, part of a growing (...)
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  5. Susan Haack (1991). The Failure of Feminism. International Studies in Philosophy 23 (1):107-109.
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  6. Safro Kwame (1990). On African Feminism: Two Reasons for the Rejection of Feminism. International Journal of Applied Philosophy 5 (2):1-7.