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Edited by Benjamin Smart (University of Birmingham, University of Johannesburg)
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  1. Linda Alcoff (1996). Dangerous Pleasures: Foucault and the Politics of Pedophilia. In Susan Hekman (ed.), Feminist Interpretations of Foucault. Pennsylvania State Press
    This paper develops a critique of Foucault's treatment of child sexual abuse in relation to his theory of the relationship between discourse and experience.
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  2. Daniel M. Filler, Terrorism, Panic and Pedophilia.
    How did Americans apportion responsibility for the acts of September 11, and how might that response change in the aftermath of future terrorism? This article studies the nation's reaction through a sociological lens. Following high-profile crimes, the public often panics, targeting marginal sub-communities with anger and new regulations. This phenomenon is often termed 'moral panic.' After technological catastrophes, however, public blame is typically more diffuse, taking the form of 'risk society panics' that focus not only on individuals and sub-communities, but (...)
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  3. Matthew C. Lally & Scott A. Freeman (2005). Perspectives: The Struggle to Maintain Neutrality in the Treatment of a Patient with Pedophilia. Ethics and Behavior 15 (2):181 – 190.
    This article explores the ethical concept of neutrality through use of a psychiatric clinical vignette. In this case a psychiatry resident is faced with the treatment of a patient who was found by the FBI to be in possession of child pornography. Although not accused of any other crimes, the patient was a fugitive from the law and requesting treatment for pedophilia. Faced with the pressures of limited resources and anxiety about the patient's dangerousness to others, the resident and his (...)
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