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Philosophy of Biology

Edited by John Wilkins (University of Sydney, University of Melbourne)
Assistant editor: Justin Bzovy (University of Western Ontario)
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  1. Neil Tennant (forthcoming). The Logical Structure of Evolutionary Explanation and Prediction: Darwinism's Fundamental Schema. Biology and Philosophy:1-45.
    We present a logically detailed case-study of Darwinian evolutionary explanation. Special features of Darwin’s explanatory schema made it an unusual theoretical breakthrough, from the point of view of the philosophy of science. The schema employs no theoretical terms, and puts forward no theoretical hypotheses. Instead, it uses three observational generalizations—Variability, Heritability and Differential Reproduction—along with an innocuous assumption of Causal Efficacy, to derive Adaptive Evolution as a necessary consequence. Adaptive Evolution in turn, with one assumption of scale (‘Deep Time’), implies (...)
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    Developmental Biology
     Developmental Constraints
     Developmental Modularity
     Developmental Systems Theory
     Ecological Developmental Biology
     Epigenetic Inheritance
     Evolutionary Developmental Biology
     Genetic Program
     Nature and Nurture
     Process Structuralism
     Developmental Biology, Misc
    Ecology and Conservation Biology
     Conservation Ethics
     Deep Ecology
     Ecological Developmental Biology
     Ecology and Conservation Biology, Misc
     Human Ecology
     Population Ecology
     Reduction in Ecology
     Social Ecology
    Evolutionary Biology
     Anti-Darwinist Approaches
     Levels and Units of Selection
     Evolution of Phenomena
     Mechanisms of Evolution
     Evolutionary Biology, Miscellaneous
    Genetics and Molecular Biology
     Genetic Ethics
     Molecular Biology, Misc
    Phil of Biology, Miscellaneous
     Artificial Life
     Biological Information
     Biological Modeling
     Causation in Biology
     Complexity in Biology
     Biology and Society
     Explanation in Biology
     History of Biology
     Phil of Biology, General Works
     Phil of Biology, Misc
    Systematic Biology
     Biological Natural Kinds
     Systematic Biology, Misc
    Environmental Philosophy
     Environmental Philosophies
     Environmental Philosophy, Misc
     Environmental Ethics
     Environmental Ethics, Misc
     Topics in Environmental Ethics
     Environmental Value
     Non-Human Animals
    Teleology and Function
     Teleology and Function, Misc
     Consequentialism and Teleology
     Teleological Accounts of Mental Content
     Functional Explanation
    Interlevel Relations in Biology
     Reduction in Biology
     Emergence in Biology
     Interlevel Relations in Biology, Misc
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