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  1. Charles R. Gallistel (2010). Response to Donahoe Review. Behavior and Philosophy 38:103-111.
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    Computation and Physical Systems
     Analog and Digital Computation
     Implementing Computations
     Noncomputable Processes
     Quantum Computation
     Computation and Physical Systems, Misc
    Computer Ethics
     Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
     Machine Ethics
     Internet Ethics
     Computer Ethics, Misc
    Computer Simulation and Virtual Reality
     Simulation and Reality
     Are We in a Simulation?
     Virtual Reality
     Computer Simulation and Virtual Reality, Misc
    Phil of Artificial Intelligence
     Can Machines Think?
     Computation and Representation
     Phil of Connectionism
     Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence
     Phil of Artificial Intelligence, Miscellaneous
    Phil of Computation, Miscellaneous
     Computational Philosophy
     Computers in Phil
     Computer Languages
     The Internet
     Software Verification
     Phil of Computation, Misc
    Phil of Information
     Conceptions of Information
     The Information Economy
     The Infosphere
     Information Theory
     Information Ethics
     Physics of Information
     Information-Based Accounts of Mental Content
     Genetic Information
     Biological Information
     Quantum Information
     Logic and Information
     Phil of Information, Misc
    Theory of Computation
     The Church-Turing Thesis
     Algorithmic Complexity
     Computational Complexity
     Theory of Computation, Misc
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