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Philosophy of Mind

Edited by David Chalmers and David Bourget
Assistant editor: Chang Liu (University of Western Ontario)
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  1. Alison Reiheld & Rory Kraft (2008). Brain in the Vat. Questions 8:4-4.
    A summary and brief discussion of the pedagogical usefulness of Hilary Putnam’s classic thought experiment from Reason, Truth, and History.
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    Phil of Consciousness
     Phil of Consciousness, Miscellaneous
     Explaining Consciousness?
     Consciousness and Materialism
     Theories of Consciousness
     Consciousness and Content
     Aspects of Consciousness
     Science of Consciousness
     Propositional Attitudes
     Content Internalism and Externalism
     Naturalizing Mental Content
     The Nature of Contents
     Aspects of Intentionality
     Intentionality, Misc
     The Nature of Perceptual Experience
     The Perceptual Relation
     The Contents of Perception
     Sensory Modalities
     Science of Perception
     Perception and the Mind
     Perceptual Knowledge
     Perceptual Qualities
     Aspects of Perception
     Phil of Perception, General
    Metaphysics of Mind
     Physicalism about the Mind
     Other Psychophysical Theories
     Psychophysical Reduction
     Other Psychophysical Relations
     Mental Causation
     Theories of Personal Identity
     Free Will
     Metaphysics of Mind, Misc
    Mental States and Processes
     Bodily Experience
     Mental Actions
     Mental Imagery
     Moral Psychology
     Temporal Experience
     Thought and Thinking
     Mental States, Misc
    Epistemology of Mind
     The Problem of Other Minds
     Perceptual Knowledge
     Epistemology of Mind, Misc
    Phil of Mind, Miscellaneous
     Phil of Mind, General Works
     Collective Mentality
     Phil of Mind, Misc
     Theories of Personal Identity
     Puzzle Cases in Personal Identity
     The Self
     Personal Identity and Values
     Practical Identity
     Human Beings
     The Body
     History: Persons
     Persons, Misc
    Phil of Cognitive Science
     Phil of Artificial Intelligence
     Phil of Psychology
     Phil of Neuroscience
     Phil of Consciousness
     Phil of Linguistics
     Phil of Psychiatry and Psychopathology
     Phil of Cognitive Science, Miscellaneous
     Science of Consciousness
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