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Philosophy of Physical Science

Edited by Hans Halvorson (Princeton University)
Assistant editor: Joshua Luczak (University of Western Ontario)
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  1. Lawrence E. Fraley (1994). Uncertainty About Determinism: A Critical Review of Challenges to the Determinism of Modern Science. Behavior and Philosophy 22 (2):71 - 83.
    Contemporary scientific determinism is a grand induction from scientific experience. Limitations on measurement of the kind represented by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle have thrown doubt on deterministic philosophy. But the case against determinism does not stand examination. Scientific support for deterministic philosophy continues to be justified.
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    Complex Systems
     Artificial Life
     Nonlinear Dynamics
     Systems Theory
     Complex Systems, Misc
    Phil of Chemistry
     Chemical Atomism
     Chemical Bonding
     Chemical Explanation
     Chemical Synthesis
     Chemical Elements and Substances
     Realism in Chemistry
     Chemical Instrumentation
     Inorganic Chemistry
     Interlevel Relations in Chemistry
     Structure in Chemistry
     The Periodic Table
     Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
     History of Chemistry
     Quantum Chemistry
     Organic Chemistry
     Phil of Chemistry, Misc
    Phil of Cosmology
     The Early Universe
     Design and Observership in Cosmology
     Phil of Cosmology, Miscellaneous
    Phil of Earth SciencesPhil of Physics, Miscellaneous
     Atomic and Molecular Physics
     Condensed Matter Physics
     Classical Mechanics
     Gauge Theories
     History of Physics
     Particle Physics
     Solid State Physics
     String Theory
     Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
     Symmetry in Physics
     Phil of Physics, General Works
     Phil of Physics, Misc
    Phil of Physical Science, Misc
     Probability in the Physical Sciences
     Interlevel Relations in Physical Science
     Philosophy of Physical Science, Miscellaneous
    Quantum Mechanics
     Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
     Quantum Theories
     Quantum Nonlocality
     Quantum Mechanics, Miscellaneous
    Space and Time
     Metaphysics of Spacetime
     Special Relativity
     General Relativity
     Physics of Time
     Space and Time, Misc
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