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  1. Erman Kaplama (2016). Heraclitean Critique of Kantian and Enlightenment Ethics Through the Fijian Ethos. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 12 (1):143-165.
    Kant makes a much-unexpected confession in a much-unexpected place. In the Criticism of the third paralogism of transcendental psychology of the first Critique Kant accepts the irrefutability of the Heraclitean notion of universal becoming or the transitory nature of all things, admitting the impossibility of positing a totally persistent and self-conscious subject. The major Heraclitean doctrine of panta rhei makes it impossible to conduct philosophical inquiry by assuming a self-conscious subject or “I,” which would potentially be in constant motion like (...)
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  2. Darryl Macer (1997). Animal Consciousness and Ethics in Asia and the Pacific. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 10 (3):249-267.
    The interactions between humans, animals and the environment have shaped human values and ethics, not only the genes that we are made of. The animal rights movement challenges human beings to reconsider interactions between humans and other animals, and maybe connected to the environmental movement that begs us to recognize the fact that there are symbiotic relationships between humans and all other organisms. The first part of this paper looks at types of bioethics, the implications of autonomy and the value (...)
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  3. Darryl R. J. Macer (ed.) (2008). Asia - Pacific Perspectives on Bioethics Education. UNESCO Bangkok.
    This collection of papers is the fifth in a series of books from RUSHSAP, UNESCO Bangkok offering Asia and Pacific perspectives on ethics - each focusing on specific themes. The contents come from submitted papers to the UNESCO Bangkok Bioethics conferences held in 2005 and they are assembled thematically. They also include discourse from the conference, as intercultural communication is part of the essence of deliberation on bioethics.
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  4. Mohit Prasad (ed.) (2006). Dreadlocks Vaka Vuku: Special Issue: Proceedings of the Pacific Epistemologies Conference, 2006. Published by the Pacific Writing Forum for the School of Language, Arts, and Media, Faculty of Arts and Media, University of the South Pacific.
  5. Tom Ryan (2005). Revisioning the Pacific: Bernard Smith in the South Seas. Thesis Eleven 82 (1):16-28.
    European Vision and the South Pacific, first published in 1960, is the most acclaimed of all Bernard Smith’s many texts on art history and cultural theory. In conjunction with its 1992 companion-piece, Imagining the Pacific, and supported by collations of art and cartography from Cook’s and other voyages, this work also established his reputation as a major presence in Pacific-centred research. Likewise, the ongoing influence of European Vision and the South Pacific has seen Smith claimed as a foundational figure in (...)
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