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  1. Dennis Dieks (2010). Quantum Mechanics, Chance and Modality. Philosophica 83 (1):117-137.
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  2. Antony Eagle (forthcoming). Is the Past a Matter of Chance? In Alastair Wilson (ed.), Chance and Temporal Asymmetry. Oxford University Press.
  3. P. Hájíček (2009). Quantum Model of Classical Mechanics: Maximum Entropy Packets. [REVIEW] Foundations of Physics 39 (9):1072-1096.
    In a previous paper, a statistical method of constructing quantum models of classical properties has been described. The present paper concludes the description by turning to classical mechanics. The quantum states that maximize entropy for given averages and variances of coordinates and momenta are called ME packets. They generalize the Gaussian wave packets. A non-trivial extension of the partition-function method of probability calculus to quantum mechanics is given. Non-commutativity of quantum variables limits its usefulness. Still, the general form of the (...)
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  4. Iñaki San Pedro & Mauricio Suárez (2009). Reichenbach’s Common Cause Principle and Indeterminism: A Review. In José Luis González Recio (ed.), Philosophical Essays on Physics and Biology. Georg Olms Verlag. 223-250.
    We offer a review of some of the most influential views on the status of Reichenbach’s Principle of the Common Cause (RPCC) for genuinely indeterministic systems. We first argue that the RPCC is properly a conjunction of two distinct claims, one metaphysical and another methodological. Both claims can and have been contested in the literature, but here we simply assume that the metaphysical claim is correct, in order to focus our analysis on the status of the methodological claim. We briefly (...)
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