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  1. Balaganapathi Devarakonda (2004). Suresh Chandra on Historiography of Civilisation: With Reference to Dravidian Civilisation. In R. C. Pradhan (ed.), The Philosophy of Suresh Chandra. ICPR, New Delhi.
    This paper attempts to give a critical appraisal of Professor Suresh Chandra’s views on Historiography of Civilization with reference to Dravidian Civilization. “Historiography of Indian Civilization: Harappans, Dravidians, Aryans and Gandhi’s freedom struggle” (published in JICPR June 1996) and “Demythologizing History: Dravidians in Relation to Harappans and the Aryans” (presented in the seminar on Dravidian Philosophy organized by Dravidian University, Kuppam) are the two significant works which are devoted to Historiography of civilization by Prof. Suresh Chandra. This paper mainly confines (...)
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  2. Krishna Del Toso (2009). [Book Review] Sylvain Lévi, La Dottrina Del Sacrificio Nei Brāhmaṇa. Con Tre Saggi di Roberto Calasso, Char-les Malamoud E Louis Renou, Traduzione di Silvia D’Intino. Adelphi, Milano 2009, 224 Pp. AION 69 (1/4):245-252.