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  1. J. M. Eisenberg (1995). Quantum Chromodynamics. Foundations of Physics 25:1395-1395.
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  2. S. French (1995). The Esperable Uberty of Quantum Chromodynamics. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B 26 (1):87-105.
    Within the philosophy of science there has been a great deal of rather vague talk about the 'heuristic fruitfulness' (or what Peirce called the 'esperable uberty') of theories. It is my aim in the present paper to add some precision to these discussions by linking this 'fruitfulness' to the satisfaction of certain heuristic criteria. In this manner the demarcation between 'discovery' and 'pursuit' becomes blurred. As a case study, I present the competition between the paraparticle and colour models of quarks (...)
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  3. Meinard Kuhlmann (2011). Review of “From Current Algebra to Quantum Chromodynamics: A Case for Structural Realism” by T. Y. Cao. Notre Dame Philosophical Studies 8:21.