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  1. D. G. Brown (1998). Stove's Reading of Mill. Utilitas 10 (1):122.
  2. David Stove, The Intellectual Capacity of Women.
    I BELIEVE THAT the intellectual capacity of women is on the whole inferior to that of men. By "on the whole," I do not mean just "on the average"; though I do mean that much. My belief is, if you take any degree of intellectual capacity which is above e average for the human race, as a whole, then a possessor of that degree of intellectual capacity is a good deal more likely to be man than a woman.
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  3. Jenny Teichman (2001). The Intellectual Capacity of David Stove. Philosophy 76 (1):149-157.
    David Stove's essay “The intellectual capacity of women” was first published in 1990, in the Proceedings of a Sydney philosophical society. It has been re-published twice since his death. It seems though that during his lifetime Stove himself refused to agree to its being re-printed. This raises two questions: Did Stove believe his essay on women contains mistakes? And: does it contain mistakes? The main flaws in the essay stem from a rash adoption of simplistic ideas about probability coupled (...)
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  4. Shelley Tremain (forthcoming). Review of Why Have Children? The Ethical Debate by Christine Overall. [REVIEW] Apa Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy.