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  1. N. J. Block (1974). Fictionalism, Functionalism and Factor Analysis. PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association 1974:127 - 141.
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  2. Nancy Cartwright (1980). The Truth Doesn't Explain Much. American Philosophical Quarterly 17 (2):159 - 163.
  3. Chris John Daly (2008). Fictionalism and the Attitudes. Philosophical Studies 139 (3):423 - 440.
    This paper distinguishes revolutionary fictionalism from other forms of fictionalism and also from other philosophical views. The paper takes fictionalism about mathematical objects and fictionalism about scientific unobservables as illustrations. The paper evaluates arguments that purport to show that this form of fictionalism is incoherent on the grounds that there is no tenable distinction between believing a sentence and taking the fictionalist's distinctive attitude to that sentence. The argument that fictionalism about mathematics is ‘comically immodest’ is also evaluated. In place (...)
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  4. John D. Sinks (1972). Fictionalism and the Elimination of Theoretical Terms. Philosophy of Science 39 (3):285-290.
    The claim that theoretical entities are not real, that they are merely convenient fictions, has been defended and attacked in diverse ways. This paper is concerned with only one defense of the fictionalist thesis and with a certain realist attack on it. The defense in question is that theories which prima facie make reference to theoretical entities can be revised in such a way that no such apparent reference is made by eliminating all occurrences of theoretical expressions. It will be (...)
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  5. Mauricio Suárez (ed.) (2009). Fictions in Science: Philosophical Essays on Modeling and Idealization. Routledge.
    As these essays demonstrate, within the bounds of what is empirically possible, a scientist's capacity for invention and creative thinking matches that of any ...
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