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  1. Samantha Brennan & Jennifer Epp (forthcoming). Children’s Rights, Well-Being, and Sexual Agency. In Alexander Bagattini and Colin MacLeod (ed.), The Wellbeing of Children in Theory and Practice.
  2. Beverley Clack (2002). Sex and Death: A Reappraisal of Human Mortality. Blackwell.
    Machine generated contents note: Introduction 1 -- 1. Transcending Mortality: Plato's Philosophy and Augustine's Theology 10 -- 2. Transcending the Void: Sex and Death in Sartre and Beauvoir's Existentialism 39 -- 3. Eros, Thanatos and the Human .Self: Sigmund Freud 60 -- 4. Sex and Death in a Meaningless Universe: The Marquis de Sade 80 -- 5. Living in Accordance with Nature: Seneca 104 -- Conclusion Sex, Death, and the Meaningful Life 126.
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  3. James Giles (2015). Sexual Attraction: The Psychology of Allure. Praeger.
    This book gives an account of the experience of sexual attraction. Despite its vital role in daily life, it is something that scholars have all but completely ignored. Various factors surrounding this experience have been studied, even in depth, but the experience itself remains an uncharted region of human life. In this book it is argued that the essence of sexual attraction is the experience of allure, namely, a sense of being helplessly drawn to the attractive person that involves a (...)
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  4. Linda LeMoncheck (2011). Feminism and Promiscuity. In Adrianne Leigh McEvoy (ed.), Sex, Love, and Friendship: Studies of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love: 1993-2003. Rodopi
  5. Patricia Marino (2007). Seeking Desire: Reflections on Blackburn's Lust. Social Philosophy Today 22:219-230.
    This paper is a critical discussion of Simon Blackburn’s recent work on lust. Blackburn develops a view on which lust is decent only when part of a pure mutuality in sex, and is best left alone—we ought not tamper with its “freedom of flow.” I argue that this treatment, which I believe reflects commonly held views, fails in several ways. First, it does not square with the fact that we pursue lust as a good in itself. Second, pure mutuality is (...)
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  6. Arpita Saha, Sex Tourism: A Myth or a Reality?
    Sex tourism, i.e. travelling to foreign countries for the purpose of having sexual relations with the natives of that land has been continuing since decades all over the world. The tourist spots have been including the third world poor countries, specially those of Africa and South East Asia. Also, with the growth and emergence of the pornography industry, the children of such countries are becoming the victims of Child Sex Tourism (CST). CST has been thriving day by day, mostly based (...)
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