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  1. H. C. Dudley (1959). New Principles in Quantum Mechanics. New York, Exposition Press.
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  2. Glen Monahan & Sarvraj Singh (2013). Interstellar Transmitter Concept (King David’s Sling). American Journal of Modern Physics 2 (3):138-143.
    A simple operating principle (similar to a combination of a pottery wheel and a catapult or, simply, the weapon used by David to slay Goliath) coupled with the success of some moderate engineering challenges may allow for the transmission of a carrier wave from Earth to Mars in less than one second! This paper also directly addresses the controversy of light speed variance/invariance (which has arisen from the “wave/particle nature of light” debate) by referencing Joseph A. Rybczyk’s 2012 paper, “Lunar (...)
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