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  1. David Fagelson (2001). Two Concepts of Sovereignty. International Politics 38 (4):499-514.
  2. Brian Lightbody (2003). Theseus Vs. The Minotaur: Finding the Common Thread in the Chomsky-Foucault Debate. Studies in Social and Political Thought 1 (8):67-83.
  3. Enzo Rossi (2012). Justice, Legitimacy, and (Normative) Authority for Political Realists. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 15 (2):149-164.
    One of the main challenges faced by realists in political philosophy is that of offering an account of authority that is genuinely normative and yet does not consist of a moralistic application of general, abstract ethical principles to the practice of politics. Political moralists typically start by devising a conception of justice based on their pre-political moral commitments; authority would then be legitimate only if political power is exercised in accordance with justice. As an alternative to that dominant approach I (...)
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