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  1. S. G. Couvalis (1988). Feyerabend, Ionesco, and the Philosophy of the Drama. Critical Philosophy 4:51-66.
  2. Jacobus Pontanus, S. J., Paul Richard Blum & Thomas McCreight (2009). Soldier or Scholar: Stratocles or War. Apprendice House.
    ISBN-13: 978-1934074480
    Plot Summary from the book:
    "An aristocratic young man, fed up with his studies, contemplates military service. His teacher is unable by any reasoning to call him back him from the path he has embarked upon. The young man enlists another youth who commits himself to the journey, dressed in military garb, and he happens upon two deserting soldiers, unsightly and ill-used both in their dress and in their hygiene. Both young men are so moved by the deserters’ (...)
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