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  1. David Christensen (1983). Glymour on Evidential Relevance. Philosophy of Science 50 (3):471-481.
    Glymour's "bootstrap" account of confirmation is designed to provide an analysis of evidential relevance, which has been a serious problem for hypothetico-deductivism. As set out in Theory and Evidence, however, the "bootstrap" condition allows confirmation in clear cases of evidential irrelevance. The difficulties with Glymour's account seem to be due to a basic feature which it shares with hypothetico-deductive accounts, and which may explain why neither can give a satisfactory analysis of evidential relevance.
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  2. Franz Huber (2008). Milne's Argument for the Log‐Ratio Measure. Philosophy of Science 75 (4):413-420.
    This article shows that a slight variation of the argument in Milne 1996 yields the log‐likelihood ratio l rather than the log‐ratio measure r as <span class='Hi'></span>“the one true measure of confirmation.<span class='Hi'></span>” <span class='Hi'></span>*Received December 2006;<span class='Hi'></span> revised December 2007.<span class='Hi'></span> †To contact the author,<span class='Hi'></span> please write to:<span class='Hi'></span> Formal Epistemology Research Group,<span class='Hi'></span> Zukunftskolleg and Department of Philosophy,<span class='Hi'></span> University of Konstanz,<span class='Hi'></span> P.O.<span class='Hi'></span> Box X906,<span class='Hi'></span> 78457 Konstanz,<span class='Hi'></span> Germany;<span class='Hi'></span> e‐mail:<span class='Hi'></span> franz.huber@uni‐
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  3. Joel Katzav (2013). Hybrid Models, Climate Models, and Inference to the Best Explanation. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 64 (1):107-129.
    I examine the warrants we have in light of the empirical successes of a kind of model I call ‘hybrid models’, a kind that includes climate models among its members. I argue that these warrants’ strengths depend on inferential virtues that are not just explanatory virtues, contrary to what would be the case if inference to the best explanation (IBE) provided the warrants. I also argue that the warrants in question, unlike those IBE provides, guide inferences only to model implications (...)
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  4. Ilho Park (2014). Confirmation Measures and Collaborative Belief Updating. Synthese 191 (16):3955-3975.
    There are some candidates that have been thought to measure the degree to which evidence incrementally confirms a hypothesis. This paper provides an argument for one candidate—the log-likelihood ratio measure. For this purpose, I will suggest a plausible requirement that I call the Requirement of Collaboration. And then, it will be shown that, of various candidates, only the log-likelihood ratio measure \(l\) satisfies this requirement. Using this result, Jeffrey conditionalization will be reformulated so as to disclose explicitly what determines new (...)
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