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  1. Browse from Zangwill, Nick: Explaining supervenience: Moral and mental
  2. Browse from Bergsma, Jurrit;Mook, Bertha: Ethical considerations in psychotherapeutic systems
  3. Browse from Dennett, Daniel C.: Commentary on Cam
  4. Browse from Hamilton, Alan G.: An unsolved problem in the theory of constructive order types
  5. Browse from Ladd, George Trumbull: Rationalism and empiricism
  6. Browse from Murphy, Arthur E.: Mcgilvary's perspective realism
  7. Browse from Salmon, Wesley C.: Regular rules of induction
  8. Browse from Vaidya, Anand Jayprakash: The metaphysical foundation of logic
  9. Browse from Friedmann, Johannes: Bemerkungen zum münchhausen-trilemma
  10. Browse from Woodward, James;Hitchcock, Christopher: Explanatory generalizations, part I: A counterfactual account
  11. Browse from O'Connor, D. J.: Beliefs, dispositions and actions
  12. Browse from Grush, Rick: The semantic challenge to computational neuroscience
  13. Browse from Bell, Daniel: Communitarianism
  14. Browse from Lesher, James H.: Aristotle on Form, Substance, and Universals: A Dilemma
  15. Browse from Simons, Michael A.: Departing ways: Uniformity, disparity, and cooperation in federal drug sentences
  16. Browse from Frischbier, Reinhard: Kant und der Stoß
  17. Browse from Winkler, Kenneth P.: Berkeley and the doctrine of signs
  18. Browse from Mohanty, Jitendranath: Essays on Indian Philosophy Traditional and Modern
  19. Browse from Barrow, Robin: Plato and Education
  20. Browse from Pate, James L.: Historical problems: A review essay of Baars's the cognitive revolution in psychology
  21. Browse from Weisenbeck, Jude D.: Alfred North Whitehead's Philosophy of Values
  22. Browse from Parsons, C.: Sets and modality
  23. Browse from Fish, William C.: Intentionality: Past and Future (Value Inquiry Book Series, Volume 173)
  24. Browse from Ewin, R. E.: Peoples and Secession
  25. Browse from Davis, Philip E.: The is-ought problem: Its history, analysis, and dissolution by William H. Bruening Washington, D.c.: University press of America, 1978
  26. Browse from Meixner, Uwe: Joseph E. Brenner, Logic in Reality , Springer 2008
  27. Browse from Kaurin, Pauline: With Fear and Trembling: An Ethical Framework for Non-Lethal Weapons
  28. Browse from Heller, Jan C.: Framing Healthcare Compliance in Ethical Terms: A Taxonomy of Moral Choices
  29. Browse from Audard, Catherine: The Idea of "Free Public Reason"
  30. Browse from Joseph A. Bracken, S. J.: The holy trinity as a community of divine persons, I
  31. Browse from Baynes, Kenneth: Self, narrative and self-constitution: Revisiting Taylor's “self-interpreting animals”
  32. Browse from Keaveney, Arthur: Sulla's Constitution Theodora Hantos: Res Publica Constituta: die Verfassung des Dictators Sulla. (Hermes Einzelschrift, 50.) Pp. 176. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 1988. Paper, DM 48
  33. Browse from Wright, M. R.: Symposium Platonicum V t. M. Robinson, L. Brisson (edd.): Plato: Euthydemus, lysis, charmides. Proceedings of the V symposium Platonicum . Pp. VI + 402. Sankt Augustin: Academia verlag, 2000. Cased. Isbn: 3-89665-143-
  34. Browse from Hasan, Ali: Classical Foundationalism and Bergmann's Dilemma for Internalism
  35. Browse from Paske, Gerald H.: Moral agents and the right to life
  36. Browse from Freund, Norman C.: The Ethics of War and Peace
  37. Browse from Nayding, Inga: Conceptual evidentialism
  38. Browse from Ci, J.: Nihilism and Moral Pluralism'
  39. Browse from Jacquette, Dale: Wittgenstein and the Color Incompatibility Problem
  40. Browse from Schlesinger, G.: The Confirmation of Scientific and Theistic Hypotheses
  41. Browse from Abell, Marcelle Achard: Heidegger et la poésie de Saint-John Perse: Un rapprochement
  42. Browse from Meynell, Hugo: Literary Form, Philosophical Content: Historical Studies of Philosophical Genres. Edited by Jonathan Lavery and Louis Groarke
  43. Browse from Walhout, Donald: God and Atheism
  44. Browse from McGray, James W.: From Universal Prescriptivism to Utilitarianism
  45. Browse from Ogilvie, R. M.: Roman Religion R. E. A. Palmer: Roman Religion and Roman Empire: Five Essays. Pp. xii + 291. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1974. Cloth, $25
  46. Browse from Thompson, E. Maunde: Allen's Notes on Abbreviations in Greek Manuscripts Notes on Abbreviations in Greek Manuscripts, by T. W. Allen, Queen's College, Oxford, Craven Fellow. Oxford (Clarendon Press), 1889. 5s
  47. Browse from Gert, Bernard: Hobbes on language, metaphysics, and epistemology
  48. Browse from S., R.: Hyle. Studien zum aristotelischen Materie-Begriff
  49. Browse from C., V. C.: Aristotle's Metaphysics
  50. Browse from Alexander, Larry: You Got What You Deserved
  51. Browse from Lumsden, Simon: Deleuze and Hegel on the limits of self-determined subjectivity
  52. Browse from Spike, Jeffrey P.: The Distinction Between Completing a Suicide and Assisting One: Why Treating a Suicide Attempt Does Not Require Closing the “Window of Opportunity”
  53. Browse from Święczkowska, Halina: O zdaniach jednostkowych w języku polskim
  54. Browse from Silva, Franklin Leopoldo E.: Martin Heidegger e a técnica
  55. Browse from Spitzer, M. G.: Sefer Aḳdamut Milin: Maʻoz Efrayim: Nitsutse or Ṿe-Leḳeṭ ʻinyanim Niflaʼim Mi-Devarim Neḥmadim Ha-Pezurim Be-Tokh Divre Rabotenu ... Mi-Tokh Ha-Haḳdamot Ṿeha-Haskamot ..
  56. Browse from Nevelëv, M. I͡U: Sluchaĭnoe Khristianstvo
  57. Browse from Wang, Zhenfu: Zhongguo Mei Xue Fan Chou Shi =
  58. Browse from Washburn, Margaret: The Perception of Distance in the Inverted Landscape
  59. Browse from Fourie, W.: Can MNCs be held morally responsible for the unintended consequences of their operations?
  60. Browse from Brendle, Jeffrey: Forward to the Past
  61. Browse from Roger, Lucie;Maubant, Philippe;Mercier, Bernard: Une perspective bachelardienne pour lire et comprendre les situations d'aprentissage professionnel de la formation à l'enseignement
  62. Browse from Glaría, Violeta: Cuestionamientos a la enseñanza de la Economía desde una perspectiva compleja
  63. Browse from Philosophy, The Center for Environmental;Hargrove, Eugene C.: Environmental Ethics, Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 1989
  64. Browse from Mahowald, Mary B.: Symbols and Rights
  65. Browse from Scheirer, C. James;Hanley, Michael J.: Scanning for similar and different material in short- and long-term memory
  66. Browse from Tejada, María del Coro Molinos: Nota sobre educación y libertad
  67. Browse from Schkade, David;Sunstein, Cass R.;Hastie, Reid: When deliberation produces extremism
  68. Browse from Tuell, Steven S.: Book Review: What Did the Biblical Writers Know and When Did They Know It? What Archaeology Can Tell Us about the Reality of Ancient Israel
  69. Browse from Wunderle, Georg: Zur Psychologie der Reue
  70. Browse from Chierchia, Gennaro: Reference to Kinds across Language
  71. Browse from Romagnoli, Nathalie Maillard: Le perfectionnisme de J. S Mill: en discussion avec "L'éthique aujourd'hui" de Ruwen Ogien
  72. Browse from Rushton, Richard: Capital Women
  73. Browse from Crown, Sidney: Physiology, Emotion and Psychosomatic Illness. Edited by Ruth Porter and Julie Knight Ciba Foundation Symposium 8 (New Series). Pp. 421. (Elsevier; Excerpta Medica. 1972), Price US $ 16.50
  74. Browse from Barchi, Rodrigo: Reseña de "Terras, florestas e águas de trabalho: os camponeses amazônicos e as formas de uso de seus recursos naturais" de Antônio Carlos WITKOSKI
  75. Browse from Solinas, Marco: La svista di Darwin. Sulla rivoluzione della tradizione aristotelica
  76. Browse from Olsson, Erik J.: Coherence Theories of Epistemic Justification
  77. Browse from Safarikova, Radana: " Readings", or interpretation? An Image in hands of semiotics
  78. Browse from Cuétara, José Miguel López: Ratio versus Fides
  79. Browse from Yowell, P.: A Critical Examination of Dworkin's Theory of Rights
  80. Browse from Scoppola, Pietro: Resistenza e memoria storica La repubblica autonoma di Cerreto d'Esi
  81. Browse from Monestarolo, Giorgio: The project of a commercial state: Ignazio Donaudi and the question of Piedmontese economic development (1773–1789)
  82. Browse from Tarzian, A. J.;Silverman, H. J.: Care coordination and utilization review: clinical case managers' perceptions of dual role obligations
  83. Browse from Benyovszky, L.: Negativity and thrownness
  84. Browse from Robinson, Eric: The derby philosophical society
  85. Browse from Clarke, Thomas E.: Unique features of an R&D work environment and research scientists and engineers
  86. Browse from Vitoria, Ma: Ciencia, filosofía y religión: a propósito de una obra de H. Margenau
  87. Browse from Johnson, Nevil: Michael Joseph Oakeshott
  88. Browse from Richard, M.: Being For
  89. Browse from John, N. Martin;Woleński, Jan: Book Reviews
  90. Browse from Cummins, Kenneth W.: Structure and Function of Stream Ecosystems
  91. Browse from Turner, Stephen P.: 3 MacIntyre in the Province of the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  92. Browse from Becker, Egon;Breckling, Broder: Border zone between ecology and systems theory
  93. Browse from Mohanty, J. N.: Theory of pramana
  94. Browse from Frings, Manfred: Time Structure in Social Communality
  95. Browse from Churchland, P. M.;Churchland, P. S.: Clark's connectionist defense of folk psychology
  96. Browse from Ouédraogo, Souleymane;Sorgho Millogo, Marie-Claire: Système coutumier de tenure des terres et lutte contre la désertification en milieu rural au Burkina Faso
  97. Browse from van Kaam, A.: The freedom of the human
  98. Browse from Nakamura, Kyōko: Revelatory experience in the female life cycle: a biographical study of women religionists in modern Japan
  99. Browse from Kymlicka, Will: Iris Marion Young, Justice and the Politics of Difference Reviewed by
  100. Browse from Fournier, G.: Influence de Coleridge sur Stuart Mill dans le probleme de la libert6 et de la necessity,'

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Jaynes, Julian, The problem of consciousness.

Achinstein, Peter, The evidence against Kronz. Carnap.

Rosenthal, David M., State consciousness and transitive consciousness.

Nagasawa, Yujin, Thomas versus Thomas: A new approach to Nagel's bat argument.

Alter, Torin, The hard problem of consciousness.

Pereboom, Derk, Bats, brain scientists, and the limitations of introspection.

Stoljar, Daniel;Nagasawa, Yujin, Introduction to _There's Something About Mary_.

Bennett, Karen, Zombies everywhere!.

Wilson, Jessica M., Review of John Perry's _Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness_.

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Flohr, Hans, Sensations and brain processes.

Kriegel, Uriah, The same-order monitoring theory of consciousness.

Levine, Joseph, Conscious awareness and representation.

Weisberg, Josh, Same old, same old: The same-order representational theory of consciousness and the division of phenomenal labor. Consciousness, Same-order representation, Higher-order representation, Misrepresentation, Qualia.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Griffin, David Ray, Panexperiential physicalism and the mind-body problem.

van Cleve, James, Mind-dust or magic? Panpsychism versus emergence.

Pharoah, Mark, Looking to systems theory for a reductive explanation of phenomenal experience and evolutionary foundations for H.O.T. , .

Foster, John A., The Case for Idealism. Idealism , Realism.

Dretske, Fred, Phenomenal externalism.

Diaz-Leon, E., Can Phenomenal Concepts Explain The Epistemic Gap?.

Smith, Joel, On knowing which thing I am.

Bayne, Timothy J.;Chalmers, David J., What is the unity of consciousness?. *Awareness, *Theories, Experiences (Events).

Block, Ned, On a confusion about a function of consciousness. access, attention, awareness, blindsight, consciousness, function, retrieval.

Morsella, Ezequiel, The function of phenomenal states: Supramodular interaction theory.

Farkas, Katalin, Phenomenal intentionality without compromise. phenomenal intentionality, narrow content, internalism.

Hoche, Prof em Dr Hans-Ulrich, The conception of anthropological complementarism. An introduction.

Malle, Bertram F., Of windmills and straw men: Folk assumptions of mind and action. *Behavior, *Folk Psychology, *Intention, *Mind, *Volition, Introspection, Reasoning, Skepticism, Free will.

Collier, Mark, Two Puzzles in Hume's Epistemology. hume, skepticism, consequent skepticism.

Husserl, Edmund G., On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time (1893-1917). Translated by John Barnett Brough.

Mensch, James, Husserl's Account of Our Consciousness of Time. Husserl, Time-Consciousness, Retention, Protention, Self-Consciousness.

Filice, Carlo, Non-substantial streams of consciousness and free action.

Smith, Joel, Bodily awareness, imagination, and the self.

Wright, Edmond L., Querying "quining qualia".

Wright, Edmond L., The defence of qualia.

Block, Ned, Troubles with functionalism.

Hájek, Alan;Pettit, Philip, Desire beyond belief. Belief, Desire, Indexicality, Mental, Metaphysics, Lewis, D.

Brown, J., Natural kind terms and recognitional capacities.

Schroeter, Laura, Why be an anti-individualist?.

Gillett, Carl, The metaphysics of mechanisms and the challenge of the new reductionism.

Axinn, Sidney, Fallacy of the single risk.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., Patrolling the mind's boundaries. Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophy.

Field, Hartry, Logic, meaning, and conceptual role. Conceptual Scheme, Description, Language, Logic, Meaning, Name, Predication, Probability, Proposition, Semantics, Sentence, Truth Function, Verifiability, Popper, Quine.

Trapp, Rainer W., 'Utilitarianism incorporating justice'.

Shapiro, Lionel, Brandom on the normativity of meaning. pragmatism, propositional content, objectivity.

Avigad, Jeremy, On the relationships between ATR0 and $\widehat{ID}_{.

Avron, Arnon, A constructive analysis of RM.

Crane, Tim, Brentano's concept of intentional inexistence.

Mabaquiao, Napoleon M., Husserl's Theory of Intentionality. intentionalism, Edmund Husserl, Franz Brentano, phenomenology, noema, intentionality, consciousness.

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Allen, Colin;Bekoff, Marc, Intentionality, social play, and definition. Ethology, cognitive ethology, play, intentionality, evolution, definition.

Stainton, Robert J.;Viger, Christopher D., Review of Jerry A. Fodor's _Concepts: Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong_. Concept, Metaphysics, Mind, Representation, Fodor, J.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., The origins of concepts. Concepts, Learning, Acquisition, Nativism, Innateness, Language of thought.

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Adams, E. M., The nature of the sense-datum theory.

Dawes Hicks, G., The nature of sense-data.

Hellie, Benj, That which makes the sensation of blue a mental fact: Moore on phenomenal relationism.

Caruso, Gregg, A defence of the adverbial theory.

Nickel, Bernhard, Against intentionalism. Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy.

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Smith, Nicholas J. J., A Plea for Things That Are Not Quite All There: Or, Is There a Problem about Vague Composition and Vague Existence?.

Hare, Caspar, Obligation and Regret When There is No Fact of the Matter About What Would Have Happened if You Had not Done What You Did.

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Mishler, Brent D.;Brandon, Robert N., Sex and the individuality of species: A response to Ghiselin.

Mitchell, Sam, Bivalence as an issue in the confirmation of belief.

Mitchell, W., Critical notices.

Bradley McGilvary, Evander, Perceptual and memory perspectives.

Kind, Amy, What's so transparent about transparency?. transparency, representationalism, qualia.

Arena, Leonardo Vittorio, News and notes.

Cummins, Phillip D., Pappas on the role of sensations in Reid's theory of perception.

Pappas, George S., Sensation and perception of Reid.

Mallah, Jacques, The many computations interpretation (MCI) of quantum mechanics.

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Lewis, Harry A., Is the mental supervenient on the physical?.