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  1. Browse from Zangwill, Nick: Explaining supervenience: Moral and mental
  2. Browse from Bergsma, Jurrit;Mook, Bertha: Ethical considerations in psychotherapeutic systems
  3. Browse from Dennett, Daniel C.: Commentary on Cam
  4. Browse from Hamilton, Alastair: A textual history of the King James bible. By David Norton
  5. Browse from Ladd, John: "Desirability" and "normativeness" in white's article on Dewey
  6. Browse from Murchadha, Felix Ó: Moral philosophy and the holocaust
  7. Browse from Salmon, Wesley C.: Rational prediction
  8. Browse from Vailati, Giovanni: The attack on distinctions
  9. Browse from Friedman, Joel I.: An overview of spinoza'sehics
  10. Browse from Woodward, James: Critical review: Horwich on the ravens, projectability and induction
  11. Browse from Nelson, Raymond J.: Objects of occasion beliefs
  12. Browse from Churchland, Paul M.: Cognitive neurobiology: A computational hypothesis for laminar cortex
  13. Browse from Barry, Christian: Redistribution
  14. Browse from Lacey, A. R.: Oυσία and Form in Aristotle
  15. Browse from Miah, Andy: Virtually nothing: Re-evaluating the significance of cyberspace
  16. Browse from Rachels, James: Darwin's moral lapse
  17. Browse from Kelly, Patrick: Berkeley's economic writings
  18. Browse from Epicurus: The Essential Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, Vatican Sayings, and Fragments
  19. Browse from Wajsberg, Mordchaj: Logical Works
  20. Browse from O'Connor, Brian: Introduction: German idealism and normativity
  21. Browse from Ghose, Aurobindo: On Yoga Ii: Letters on Yoga
  22. Browse from O'Dwyer, Kathleen: 2009: ‘Paul Ricoeur: The Intersection between Solitude and Connection’ in Lyceum. Vol. XI, no. 1, Fall 2009, pp. 43-72.
  23. Browse from Wilkes, Kathleen V.: Models of the Self
  24. Browse from Freeman, Michael: Nation-State and Cosmopolis: A Response to David Miller
  25. Browse from Cook, John W.: The fate of ordinary language philosophy
  26. Browse from Koepsell, David R.: Ethics and Ontology: A New Synthesis
  27. Browse from Verweij, Desiree: Comrades or Friends? On Friendship in the Armed Forces
  28. Browse from Long, D. Stephen: Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction
  29. Browse from Pattaro, Enrico: Models of Reason, Types of Principles and Reasoning. Historical Comments and Theoretical Outlines
  30. Browse from Harrington, Daniel J.: Matthean studies since Joachim Rohde
  31. Browse from Coleman, Martin: “It doesn't . . . Matter where you begin”: Pound and Santayana on education
  32. Browse from Bradley, D. R.: Sven Lundström: Zur Historia Tripartita des Cassiodor. (Lunds Universitets Årsskrift, N.F., Avd. I, Bd. 49, Nr. I.) Pp. 32. Lund: Gleerup, 1952. Paper, Kr. 3.25
  33. Browse from Brock, Roger: C. D. H AMILTON , P. K RENTZ (edd.): Polis and Polemos: Essays on Politics,War, and History in Ancient Greece in Honor of Donald Kagan . Pp. xxiii + 368. Claremont: Regina Books, 1997. Cased, $39.50 (Paper, $19.50). ISBN: 0-941690-76-8 (0-941690-75-X pbk)
  34. Browse from Baker, Lynne: Christian materialism in a scientific age
  35. Browse from Beaty, Michael: On God, the good, and the right
  36. Browse from Thomas J. Regan, S. J.: Sartre, Woody Allen, and Authenticity
  37. Browse from Madigan, Patrick: Free Will: a Philosophical Reappraisal. By Nicholas Rescher
  38. Browse from Stapp, Henry P.: Quantum Locality?
  39. Browse from O'Brien, Wendell: Butler and the Authority of Conscience
  40. Browse from Purtill, Richard L.: Flew and the Free Will Defence
  41. Browse from Konczewski, C.: Les Conditions de la créativité des peuples
  42. Browse from Imbelli, Robert P.: Balthasar: A Guide for the Perplexed. By Rodney A. Howsare and Theological Aesthetics after von Balthasar. Edited by Oleg V. Bychkov and James Fodor
  43. Browse from Goldstein, Leon J.: The Greek Concept of Justice
  44. Browse from Nicholls, Peter;Passell, Dan: Kripke's Contingent A Priori and Necessary A Posteriori
  45. Browse from Winterbottom, Michael: The Loeb Dionysius Stephen Usher: Dionysius of Halicarnassus, The Critical Essays, i. (Loeb Classical Library.) Pp. xxxv + 640. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard U.P. and London: W. Heinemann Ltd., 1974. Cloth, £2·95
  46. Browse from Ellis, Robinson: Some Emendations of Manilius
  47. Browse from Rachele, Jude Smith: The Diversity Quality Cycle: driving culture change through innovative governance
  48. Browse from C., J. D.: Aspects of Jaspers' Philosophy
  49. Browse from Chambers, Geoff: The species problem: seeking new solutions for philosophers and biologists
  50. Browse from Ruitenberg, Claudia W.: Art, Politics, and the Pedagogical Relation
  51. Browse from Bolton, Sharon C.;Houlihan, Maeve;Laaser, Knut: Contingent Work and Its Contradictions: Towards a Moral Economy Framework
  52. Browse from Efird, D.: Reason, Metaphysics, and Mind: New Essays on the Philosophy of Alvin Plantinga
  53. Browse from Woleński, Jan: [Głos w dyskusji]
  54. Browse from Rebollo, Regina Andrés: O legado hipocrático e sua fortuna no período greco-romano: de Cós a Galeno
  55. Browse from Roberts, David: In Defense of Defenselessness: Kierkegaard's Critique of an Accepted Narcissism
  56. Browse from Ṭoledano, ʻOvadyah Yosef ben Mordekhai: Sefer ʻeṭ Yosef: Ḳinyan Torah: Beʼur 48 Ḳinyene Ha-Torah, Pirḳe Hadrakhah ..
  57. Browse from Valentin, Muresan: From eudaimonia to happiness
  58. Browse from Radford, Colin: Critical Notice
  59. Browse from Corlett, J. Angelo: Economic Exploitation in Intercollegiate Athletics
  60. Browse from Gasparov, Boris: Wendy Steiner, ed. The Sign in Music and Literature
  61. Browse from Schrift, Alan D.: Foucault's reconfiguration of the subject: From Nietzsche to Butler, Laclau/Mouffe, and beyond
  62. Browse from Oswald, Urs: Review: T. E. Forster, Quine's New Foundations (An Introduction)
  63. Browse from Schmidt, Alfred;Jordan, Wolfgang;Jeske, Michael: Für Einen Realen Humanismus: Festschrift Zum 75
  64. Browse from Goldstein, Jared: Desperately Seeking Science: The Creation of Knowledge in Family Practice
  65. Browse from Bradshaw, John L.;Nettleton, Norman C.: Articulatory interference and the mown-down heterophone effect
  66. Browse from Rius-Camps, Josep: Los fundamentos cosmológicos de la mecánica y las leyes fundamentales de la dinámica
  67. Browse from Fishkin, James S.: Beyond polling alone: The quest for an informed public
  68. Browse from Carter, Warren: Book Review: The First Letter of Peter
  69. Browse from Beckmann, Arnold: Dynamic ordinal analysis
  70. Browse from Lemasson, Denis;Jayet, Armelle: Dans Paris
  71. Browse from de Jáuregui, Miguel Herrero: Le pluriel de dédain dans la réflexion religieuse des Présocratiques
  72. Browse from Lucas-Jennings, Cheri: Read this book!
  73. Browse from Richards, M. P. M.: Social Groups of Monkeys, Apes and Men. By Chance Michael and Jolly Clifford. Pp. 224. (Cape, London, 1970.) Price £2.75.Ethology and Society. Towards an Anthropological View. By Callan Hilary. Pp. 176. (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1970.) Price £2.00.Ethology. The Biology of Behavior. By Eibl-Eibesfeldt Irenaus. Translated by Klinghammer Erich. Pp. 530. (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York, 1970.) Price $10
  74. Browse from Gonçalves, Arlindo Ferreira: A pessoa humana como protagonista da "História Ética" na filosofia de María Zambrano
  75. Browse from de la Cuesta, Carlos Castrodeza Ruiz: Interdisciplinariedad y especialización
  76. Browse from Argandoña, Antonio;Bilbeny, Norbert;Camps, Victòria;Calsina, Miquel;Castiñeira, Àngel;Palazzi, Cristian;Requejo, Ferran;Ribera, Raimon;Román, Begoña;Sàez, Ferran: code oF ethIcs FoR PoLItIcIaNs
  77. Browse from Bunnik, Eline: Toetsing van dierproeven: openbaarheid, ethiek en toezicht Over het functioneren van dierexperimentencommissies
  78. Browse from Meganck, Erik: J. Caputo, After the Death of God
  79. Browse from Noonan, J. T.: Le Droit naturel (3 annales de philosophie politique). By H. Kelsen, ch. Perelman, A. P. D'entreves, B. de jouvenel, N. Bobbio, M. prelot, ch. eisenmann. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1959. Pp. 229. Nf. 9.60
  80. Browse from Pawlowski, Kazimierz: Platonska analogia dobro-slonce w aspwkcie epistemologicznym
  81. Browse from Gentile, Andrea: Königsberg nel bicentenario di Kant
  82. Browse from Ruppert, Brian: Pearl in the Shrine: A Genealogy of the Buddhist Jewel of the Japanese Sovereign
  83. Browse from Fukala, Radek: The Political Programme of Karel the Elder of Žerotín
  84. Browse from Coleby, L. J. M.: John Francis Vigani
  85. Browse from Leman-Langlois, Stéphane: Theft in the information age: Music, technology, crime, and claims-making
  86. Browse from Zofia Kostrzycka, Zofia X.: On the density of truth of implicational parts of intuitionistic and classical logics
  87. Browse from Takaki, Kyle: Juarrero, Polanyi, and Complexity
  88. Browse from White, Stephen K.: Sex, violence and crime: Foucault and the 'man' question
  89. Browse from Goffi, G.: Diritti dell'uomo e libertà dei gruppi religiosi
  90. Browse from Toia: Employment for M. S. Level Graduates
  91. Browse from People, Pots Are Made By: Agency, structure and archaeological practice
  92. Browse from Potiguara, Eliane: " The Earth Is the Indian's Mother, Nhandecy
  93. Browse from Cooper-White, Pamela: Reenactors: Theological and Psychological Reflections on “Core Selves,” Multiplicity, and the Sense of Cohesion
  94. Browse from James, Laurence: Shape and the Meaningfulness of Life
  95. Browse from Burrell, D. B.: A Catholic university
  96. Browse from Domenach, Hervé: Commentaire
  97. Browse from Polakova, J.: Contemporary state of investigations on materialist dialectic in socialist-countries
  98. Browse from Conde, Francisco: Derrida contra Husserl: la crítica de la voz y el fenómeno a la teoría del signo de la primera investigación lógica de Husserl
  99. Browse from Iwanicki, Jack: Michael Bavidge, Mad or Bad? Reviewed by
  100. Browse from Zolla, Elémire: Septimius Felton e la letteratura alchemica inglese e americana

In this part of the index

Jaynes, Julian, The problem of consciousness.

Achinstein, Peter, The evidence against Kronz. Carnap.

Rosenthal, David M., State consciousness and transitive consciousness.

Nagasawa, Yujin, Thomas versus Thomas: A new approach to Nagel's bat argument.

Alter, Torin, The hard problem of consciousness.

Pereboom, Derk, Bats, brain scientists, and the limitations of introspection.

Stoljar, Daniel;Nagasawa, Yujin, Introduction to _There's Something About Mary_.

Bennett, Karen, Zombies everywhere!.

Wilson, Jessica M., Review of John Perry's _Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness_.

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Flohr, Hans, Sensations and brain processes.

Kriegel, Uriah, The same-order monitoring theory of consciousness.

Levine, Joseph, Conscious awareness and representation.

Weisberg, Josh, Same old, same old: The same-order representational theory of consciousness and the division of phenomenal labor. Consciousness, Same-order representation, Higher-order representation, Misrepresentation, Qualia.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Griffin, David Ray, Panexperiential physicalism and the mind-body problem.

van Cleve, James, Mind-dust or magic? Panpsychism versus emergence.

Pharoah, Mark, Looking to systems theory for a reductive explanation of phenomenal experience and evolutionary foundations for H.O.T. , .

Foster, John A., The Case for Idealism. Idealism , Realism.

Dretske, Fred, Phenomenal externalism.

Diaz-Leon, E., Can Phenomenal Concepts Explain The Epistemic Gap?.

Smith, Joel, On knowing which thing I am.

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Block, Ned, On a confusion about a function of consciousness. access, attention, awareness, blindsight, consciousness, function, retrieval.

Morsella, Ezequiel, The function of phenomenal states: Supramodular interaction theory.

Farkas, Katalin, Phenomenal intentionality without compromise. phenomenal intentionality, narrow content, internalism.

Hoche, Prof em Dr Hans-Ulrich, The conception of anthropological complementarism. An introduction.

Malle, Bertram F., Of windmills and straw men: Folk assumptions of mind and action. *Behavior, *Folk Psychology, *Intention, *Mind, *Volition, Introspection, Reasoning, Skepticism, Free will.

Collier, Mark, Two Puzzles in Hume's Epistemology. hume, skepticism, consequent skepticism.

Husserl, Edmund G., On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time (1893-1917). Translated by John Barnett Brough.

Mensch, James, Husserl's Account of Our Consciousness of Time. Husserl, Time-Consciousness, Retention, Protention, Self-Consciousness.

Filice, Carlo, Non-substantial streams of consciousness and free action.

Smith, Joel, Bodily awareness, imagination, and the self.

Wright, Edmond L., Querying "quining qualia".

Wright, Edmond L., The defence of qualia.

Block, Ned, Troubles with functionalism.

Hájek, Alan;Pettit, Philip, Desire beyond belief. Belief, Desire, Indexicality, Mental, Metaphysics, Lewis, D.

Brown, J., Natural kind terms and recognitional capacities.

Schroeter, Laura, Why be an anti-individualist?.

Gillett, Carl, The metaphysics of mechanisms and the challenge of the new reductionism.

Axinn, Sidney, Fallacy of the single risk.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., Patrolling the mind's boundaries. Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophy.

Field, Hartry, Logic, meaning, and conceptual role. Conceptual Scheme, Description, Language, Logic, Meaning, Name, Predication, Probability, Proposition, Semantics, Sentence, Truth Function, Verifiability, Popper, Quine.

Trapp, Rainer W., 'Utilitarianism incorporating justice'.

Shapiro, Lionel, Brandom on the normativity of meaning. pragmatism, propositional content, objectivity.

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Mishler, Brent D.;Brandon, Robert N., Sex and the individuality of species: A response to Ghiselin.

Mitchell, Sam, Bivalence as an issue in the confirmation of belief.

Mitchell, W., Critical notices.

Bradley McGilvary, Evander, Perceptual and memory perspectives.

Kind, Amy, What's so transparent about transparency?. transparency, representationalism, qualia.

Arena, Leonardo Vittorio, News and notes.

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