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  4. Browse from Kallich, Martin: Samuel Johnson's principles of criticism and imlac's "dissertation upon poetry"
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  8. Browse from Stewart, Iain M.: Men of class: Aristotle, Montesquieu and dicey on 'separation of powers' and 'the rule of law'
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  12. Browse from Pieper, Josef: The End of Time
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  20. Browse from Friedman, Michael: Kant on Space, the Understanding, and the Law of Gravitation
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  24. Browse from Barense, Diane: On the Tense Structure of Conditionals
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  28. Browse from Ferzan, Kimberly Kessler;Oberdiek, John F. K.: Introductions
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  32. Browse from Saja, Krzysztof: Minimalizacja cierpienia zwierząt a wegetarianizm
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  36. Browse from De Meyts, Pierre: Insulin and its receptor: structure, function and evolution
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  40. Browse from Baldeweg, T.: Repetition effects to sounds: evidence for predictive coding in the auditory system
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  44. Browse from Manghi, Sergio: Trames vivantes : Sujet, société, monde
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  48. Browse from B., J. D.;Scheurleer, C. W. Lunsingh: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Pays-Bas 1 = Musée Scheurleer 1Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Pays-Bas 1 = Musee Scheurleer 1
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  52. Browse from Rickey, V. Frederick: On creative définitions in the Principia Mathematica
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  56. Browse from Albright, Carol Rausch;Arnhart, Larry;Arther, Donald E.;Barbour, Ian G.;Bekoff, Marc;Benz, Arnold;Bielfeldt, Dennis;Budenholzer, Frank E.;Cantor, Geoffrey;Kenny, Chris: Index to Volume 36
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  60. Browse from Taylor, Charles Thomas: Symbolism in Religion and Art
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  68. Browse from Gonshor, Harry: An Introduction to the Theory of Surreal Numbers
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  72. Browse from Habermas, Jürgen;Rorty, Richard;Nauk), Instytut Filozofii I. Socjologii: The Contemporary Status of Philosophy Jürgen Habermas and Richard Rorty on the Present and Future of Philosophical Endeavor. A Debate at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw 8-9 May 1995
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  76. Browse from Zimmermann, Jörg: Werner Strube: Sprachanalytische Ästhetik
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  80. Browse from Bernard Lonergan, S.: Analysis of Faith
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  84. Browse from Fabre, G.: Alvarez , Filosofia de la educacion
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  88. Browse from Perkins Jr, Ray: Incomplete Symbols in Principia Mathematica and Russell’s ‘Definite Proof’
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  92. Browse from Stanage, Sherman M.;Audi, Robert: Reason and Violence Philosophical Investigations
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  96. Browse from Berest, Julia: J.s. Mill's principles of political economy in imperial russia: Publication and reception
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  100. Browse from Lascano, Marcy P.: Studies in Leibniz’s Cosmology

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Miyasaki, Donovan, Against the Moral Appraisal of Art: Wayne Booth and the Case of Huck Finn. Morality, Art, Aesthetics, Ethics, Literature, Aesthetic Judgment.

Anderson, James C.;Dean, Jeffrey T., Moderate autonomism.

Carroll, Noël, Ethics and aesthetics: Replies to Dickie, Stecker, and Livingston.

Carroll, Noël, Moderate moralism. art and morality, moralism.

Carroll, Noel, Moderate moralism versus moderate autonomism. Ethical Criticism.

Carroll, Noël, The wheel of virtue: Art, literature, and moral knowledge. moralism, art and morality, aesthetics and ethics.

Collinson, Diané, ‘Ethics and aesthetics are one’.

Connolly, O., Ethicism and moderate moralism.

Cory, Herbert Ellsworth, Beauty and goodness: Art and morality.

Dickie, George, The triumph in triumph of the will.

Giovannelli, Alessandro, The ethical criticism of art: A new mapping of the territory. Ethical Criticism, Moral Persuasion.

Grossman, Morris, Art and morality: On the ambiguity of a distinction.

Mason, Michelle, Moral prejudice and aesthetic deformity: Rereading Hume's "of the standard of taste". David Hume, taste, aesthetics.

Mullin, Amy, Moral defects, aesthetic defects, and the imagination. MoralEd, Aesthetics, Imagination, Resistance, Dissertation.

Eaton, Marcia Muelder, Integrating the aesthetic and the moral.

Berrios, Ruben, José Luis bermúdez and Sebastian Gardner, eds., Art and morality. New York: Routledge, 2003, 303 pp. (indexed). ISBN 0-415-19252-8, US$96.95 (hb).

Eaton, A. W., Where Ethics and Aesthetics Meet: Titian's Rape of Europa.

Harold, James, Immoralism and the Valence Constraint.

Stecker, Robert, Immoralism and the anti-theoretical view.

Hagberg, Garry, Art and Ethical Criticism. Aesthetics , Aesthetics Moral and ethical aspects, Art Philosophy.

Gaut, Berys Nigel, Art, Emotion and Ethics. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Bermúdez, José Luis;Gardner, Sebastian, Art and Morality. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Levinson, Jerrold, Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Anderson, John, Art and morality.

Armstrong, David M.;Malcolm, Norman, Consciousness and Causality: A Debate on the Nature of Mind. Causality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Wittgenstein.