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  1. Browse from Kim, Jaegwon: "Downward causation" in emergentism and nonreductive physicalism
  2. Browse from Bernard-Weil, E.: Does help in decision-making in biology help in decision-making in human sciences and conversely?
  3. Browse from de Muijnck, Wim: Wide physical realization
  4. Browse from Halpin, John F.: What is the logical form of probability assignment in quantum mechanics?
  5. Browse from La Croix, Richard R.: Unjustified evil and God's choice
  6. Browse from Murphree, Wallace A.: God and anti-God: A reply to Forrest
  7. Browse from Salem-Wiseman, Jonathan: Heidegger's dasein and the liberal conception of the self
  8. Browse from Utitz, Emil: A note on "aesthetics and the artist"
  9. Browse from van Fraassen, Bas C.: Science as representation: Flouting the criteria
  10. Browse from Wójcicki, Ryszard: Reviews
  11. Browse from Gozzano, Simone: Rationality, folk psychology, and the belief-opinion distinction
  12. Browse from Reber, Arthur S.: The rise and (surprisingly rapid) fall of psycholinguistics
  13. Browse from Weinstein, Steven: Objectivity, Information, and Maxwell's Demon
  14. Browse from Frede, Dorothea: The Dramatization of Determinism: Alexander of Aphrodisias' "De Fato"
  15. Browse from Chomsky, Noam: Hordes of vigilantes & popular elements defeat Mai, for now
  16. Browse from López Corredoira, Martín: Sociology of modern cosmology
  17. Browse from Toscano, Alberto: The Theatre of Producation: Philosophy and Individuation Bewteen Kant and Deleuze
  18. Browse from Marshall, John: John Locke: Resistance, Religion, and Responsibility
  19. Browse from Vidyabhusana, Satis Chandra: History of the Mediaeval School of Indian Logic
  20. Browse from Peña, Lorenzo: Leibniz on the Principle of Transition
  21. Browse from Oĭzerman, Teodor Ilʹich: Marxism, its Roots and Essence
  22. Browse from Coplan, Amy: Feeling without thinking: Lessons from the ancients on emotion and virtue-acquisition
  23. Browse from Loui, Michael C.: European Review of Philosophy, Volume 1: Philosophy of Mind
  24. Browse from Hope, V. M.: Alston and philosophy of language
  25. Browse from Moyal-Sharrock, Daniele: Logic in Action: Wittgenstein's Logical Pragmatism and the Impotence of Scepticism
  26. Browse from Rego, Mark D.: Subjective Knowledge, Mental Disorders, and Meds: How to Parse the Equation
  27. Browse from Annas, George J.: Report on the National Commission: Good as Gold
  28. Browse from Hardy, Lucien: Quantum ontological excess baggage
  29. Browse from Drawin, Carlos Roberto: Padre Henrique Vaz: um mestre incomparável
  30. Browse from Redman, Deborah A.: The Principles of Economics: Some Lies My Teachers Told Me, Lawrence A. Boland. London and New York: Routledge, 1992, xiii + 233 pages
  31. Browse from Szabó, Zoltán Gendler: The Distinction between Semantics and Pragmatics
  32. Browse from Lucas, D. W.: Aristotle Poetics
  33. Browse from Weiss, Roslyn: IN DEFENCE OF PLATO J. R. Wallach: The Platonic Political Art: A Study of Critical Reason and Democracy . Pp. xi + 468. University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2001. Paper, $25. ISBN: 0-271-02076-
  34. Browse from Dale, Rick;Duran, Nicholas D.: The Cognitive Dynamics of Negated Sentence Verification
  35. Browse from Clanton, J. Caleb: But Do We Owe Them?
  36. Browse from Collins, Louise: Improvising a Role for Philosophy in Today's Academy
  37. Browse from Clemente, Miguel;Espinosa, Pablo;Urra, Javier: Ethical Issues in Psychologists' Professional Practice: Agreement Over Problematic Professional Behaviors Among Spanish Psychologists
  38. Browse from Crabb, Brian: Reductive Physicalism and Phenomenal Properties: The Nature of the Problem.
  39. Browse from Levine, Andrew: Review: The Marxism that Failed
  40. Browse from Levine, Michael P.: Deep Structure and the Comparative Philosophy of Religion
  41. Browse from Saint-Sernin, Bertrand: La philosophie de la nature de Jean Largeault
  42. Browse from Elliott‐Boyle, Deni: A conceptual analysis of ethics codes
  43. Browse from Gehrett, Christine: Doing Philosophy in High School
  44. Browse from Pieper, Josef: The Condition of Philosophy
  45. Browse from Martin, R. H.: The Germania Allan A. Lund (ed., tr.) P. Cornelius Tacitus, Germania. Interpretiert, herausgegeben, übertragen, kommentiert und mit einer Bibliographic versehen. (Wissenschaftliche Kommentare zu griechischen und lateinischen Schriftstellern.) Pp. 284; 24 plates. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1988. DM 194 (Paper, DM 165)
  46. Browse from Guthrie, W. K. C.: Orphism Adolf Krueger: Quaestiones Orphicae. Pp. 79. Halle: printed by E. Karras, 1934. Paper
  47. Browse from Barua, Archana;Barua, Ananya: Gendering the digital body: women and computers
  48. Browse from K., H. P.: The Place of Reason in Education
  49. Browse from Banchetti-Robino, Marina Paola: Some Suggestions for Developing an Africanist Phenomenological Philosophy of Science
  50. Browse from Bhattacharyya, Aditi;Pattanaik, Prasanta K.;Xu, Yongsheng: Choice, internal consistency and rationality
  51. Browse from Holloway, Maurice R.: "The Condition of the Christian Philosopher," by Roger Mehl, trans. Eva Kushner
  52. Browse from Van Atten, Mark: The interpretation of Ex Falso
  53. Browse from Magierska, Sabina: Związki episteme i techne: starożytny ideał wiedzy
  54. Browse from Schneider, Paulo Rudi: Notas sobre a relação entre indiciação formal e experiência
  55. Browse from Söderquist, K. Brian: Contemplative History vs. Speculative History: Kierkegaard and Hegel on History in On the Concept of Irony
  56. Browse from Lü, Mingzhuo: Ru Xue Yu Jin Dai Yi Lai Zhongguo Zheng Zhi
  57. Browse from Horecka, Aleksandra: O funkcjach semiotycznych znaku towarowego (marki)
  58. Browse from Machan, Tibor R.: Rand on Hume's Moral Skepticism
  59. Browse from de Menezes, Antônio Basí­lio Novaes Thomaz: Foucault e Kant: considerações em torno da ética e do Aufklärung
  60. Browse from Bartalesi, Lorenzo: Teorie dell'oggetto estetico nel pensiero francese contemporaneo
  61. Browse from Tillich, Paul: Personal Introduction to My Systematic Theology
  62. Browse from Hartlep, Nicholas D.: A Review of “The Gates Foundation and the Future of U.S. “Public” Schools”
  63. Browse from Goodin, Robert E.;Barry, Christian: Benefiting from the Wrongdoing of Others
  64. Browse from Castro, Carlos: Born's Reciprocal Gravity in Curved Phase-Spaces and the Cosmological Constant
  65. Browse from Zivian, Marilyn T.;Riegel, Klaus F.: Word identification as a function of semantic clues and associative frequency
  66. Browse from Kennedy, George Alexander: Some Recent Controversies in the Study of Later Greek Rhetoric
  67. Browse from Delattre, Charles: Lydie Bodiou, Véronique Mehl, Jacques Oulhen, Francis Prost et Jérôme Wilgaux (dir.) Chemin faisant. Mythes, cultes et société en Grèce ancienne. Mélanges en l'honneur de Pierre Brulé
  68. Browse from Tähtinen, Lauri: The Intellectual Construction of the Fifth Empire: Legitimating the Braganza Restoration
  69. Browse from Daněk, Jaromír: La structure (intériorité) et la formation (extériorité) de la vie (Dilthey)
  70. Browse from Lee, T.: Arithmetical definability over finite structures
  71. Browse from Son, Ji Y.;Goldstone, Robert L.: Fostering general transfer with specific simulations
  72. Browse from Atterton, Peter: Nourishing the Hunger of the Other: A Rapprochement between Levinas and Darwin
  73. Browse from Bar, Aníbal R.;Valenzuela, Sergio D.: La Evolución como Modelo de Explicación en los Textos Escolares
  74. Browse from Gilchrist, John: Alger von Lüttich, Alger von Lüttichs Traktat “De misericordia et iustitia”: Ein kanonistischer Konkordanzversuch aus der Zeit des Investiturstreits, ed. Robert Kretzschmar. (Quellen und Forschungen zum Recht im Mittelalter, 2.) Sigmaringen: Jan Thorbecke, 1985. Pp. xx, 411. DM 120
  75. Browse from Pettoello, Renato: De nobis ipsis silemus. Sulla morte di Immanuel Kant
  76. Browse from Tardy, Vladimir: The character of my philosophising
  77. Browse from Culling, Janice: Under‐reacting Children: the transition to Secondary school, a four year follow‐up study
  78. Browse from Viana, Nildo: Sartre eo marxismo
  79. Browse from Halbig: Objective thoughts
  80. Browse from Collette, Bernard;Delcomminette, Sylvain: La théorie stoïcienne du mélange total
  81. Browse from Ryalls, John H.: Synesthesia: A principle for the relationship between the primary colors and the cardinal vowels
  82. Browse from Dacheux, Eric: La BD "Espace protégé" visant à la prévention des abus sexuels en milieu scolaire
  83. Browse from Hurley, B.: Interfaith communication in Fiji
  84. Browse from Martin, S.: Alain Badiou, Manifesto for Philosophy
  85. Browse from Ellis, Andrew W.: Developmental and acquired dyslexia: Some observations on Jorm (1979)
  86. Browse from Marshall, John: Some Intellectual Consequences of the English Revolution
  87. Browse from Bloch, Marc: La vie d'outre-tombe du roi Salomon
  88. Browse from McDaniel, William F.;Vestal, Leslie C.: Issue relevance and source credibility as a determinant of retention
  89. Browse from Parry, Geraint: The political thought of John Locke: An historical account of the argument of the two treatises of government
  90. Browse from Giesecke, Walther: Sicilia Numismatica
  91. Browse from Condit, Richard;Hubbell, Stephen P.;Foster, Robin B.: Short-Term Dynamics of a Neotropical Forest
  92. Browse from Barber, Judith Anne: Exhibition review
  93. Browse from Lahey, Stephen E.: John Fortescue. In
  94. Browse from Secular, Y. Un Mundo: Naturalismo, autoorganización
  95. Browse from Newmark, N. M.;Hall, W. J.: Dynamic Behavior of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Buildings Under Horizontal Forces and the Design of Joints (Including Wind, Earthquake, Blast Effects)
  96. Browse from Beaufays, F.;Bourlard, H.;Franco, Horacio;Morgan, Nelson: Speech recognition technology
  97. Browse from Szakolczai, A.: In Pursuit of the `Good European' Identity: From Nietzsche's Dionysos to Minoan Crete
  98. Browse from de Música Scripta Bellermanniana, Anonyma;Najock, D.: Leipzig 1975, XXVI & 38 pp. Rez.: Rocha Pereira
  99. Browse from Kojima, H.: Philosophical clarification of religious dimension-connection of Descartes, Husserl and zen buddhism
  100. Browse from Weiss, Roslyn: Colloquium 3: The Unjust Philosophers of Republic VII

In this part of the index

Jaynes, Julian, The problem of consciousness.

Achinstein, Peter, The evidence against Kronz. Carnap.

Rosenthal, David M., State consciousness and transitive consciousness.

Nagasawa, Yujin, Thomas versus Thomas: A new approach to Nagel's bat argument.

Alter, Torin, The hard problem of consciousness.

Pereboom, Derk, Bats, brain scientists, and the limitations of introspection.

Stoljar, Daniel;Nagasawa, Yujin, Introduction to _There's Something About Mary_.

Bennett, Karen, Zombies everywhere!.

Wilson, Jessica M., Review of John Perry's _Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness_.

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Badger, Lee, Beth's property fails in $l^{.

Matey, Jennifer, Two HOTS to handle: The concept of state consciousness in the higher-order thought theory of consciousness.

Flohr, Hans, Sensations and brain processes.

Kriegel, Uriah, The same-order monitoring theory of consciousness.

Levine, Joseph, Conscious awareness and (self-)representation.

Weisberg, Josh, Same old, same old: The same-order representational theory of consciousness and the division of phenomenal labor. Consciousness, Same-order representation, Higher-order representation, Misrepresentation, Qualia.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Griffin, David Ray, Panexperiential physicalism and the mind-body problem.

van Cleve, James, Mind-dust or magic? Panpsychism versus emergence.

Pharoah, Mark, Looking to systems theory for a reductive explanation of phenomenal experience and evolutionary foundations for H.O.T. , .

Foster, John A., The Case for Idealism. Idealism , Realism.

Dretske, Fred, Phenomenal externalism.

Diaz-Leon, E., Can Phenomenal Concepts Explain The Epistemic Gap?.

Smith, Joel, On knowing which thing I am.

Bayne, Timothy J.;Chalmers, David J., What is the unity of consciousness?. *Awareness, *Theories, Experiences (Events).

Block, Ned, On a confusion about a function of consciousness. access, attention, awareness, blindsight, consciousness, function, retrieval.

Morsella, Ezequiel, The function of phenomenal states: Supramodular interaction theory.

Farkas, Katalin, Phenomenal intentionality without compromise.

Hoche, Prof em Dr Hans-Ulrich, The conception of anthropological complementarism. An introduction.

Malle, Bertram F., Of windmills and straw men: Folk assumptions of mind and action. *Behavior, *Folk Psychology, *Intention, *Mind, *Volition, Introspection, Reasoning, Skepticism, Free will.

Collier, Mark, Two Puzzles in Hume's Epistemology. hume, skepticism, consequent skepticism.

Husserl, Edmund G., On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time (1893-1917). Translated by John Barnett Brough.

Mensch, James, Husserl's Account of Our Consciousness of Time. Husserl, Time-Consciousness, Retention, Protention, Self-Consciousness.

Filice, Carlo, Non-substantial streams of consciousness and free action.

Smith, Joel, Bodily awareness, imagination, and the self.

Wright, Edmond L., Querying "quining qualia".

Wright, Edmond L., The defence of qualia.

Block, Ned, Troubles with functionalism.

Brown, J., Natural kind terms and recognitional capacities.

Schroeter, Laura, Why be an anti-individualist?.

Gillett, Carl, The metaphysics of mechanisms and the challenge of the new reductionism.

Axinn, Sidney, Fallacy of the single risk.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., Patrolling the mind's boundaries.

Field, Hartry, Logic, meaning, and conceptual role. Conceptual Scheme, Description, Language, Logic, Meaning, Name, Predication, Probability, Proposition, Semantics, Sentence, Truth Function, Verifiability, Popper, Quine.

Trapp, Rainer W., 'Utilitarianism incorporating justice'.

Shapiro, Lionel, Brandom on the normativity of meaning. pragmatism, propositional content, objectivity.

Avigad, Jeremy, On the relationships between ATR0 and $\widehat{ID}_{.

Avron, Arnon, A constructive analysis of RM.

Crane, Tim, Brentano's concept of intentional inexistence.

Mabaquiao, Napoleon M., Husserl's Theory of Intentionality. intentionalism, Edmund Husserl, Franz Brentano, phenomenology, noema, intentionality, consciousness.

Sorensen, Roy, Permission to Cheat.

Allen, Colin;Bekoff, Marc, Intentionality, social play, and definition. Ethology, cognitive ethology, play, intentionality, evolution, definition.

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Weiskopf, Daniel A., The plurality of concepts. Concepts, Representation, Pluralism, Categorization, Psychological kinds.

Adams, E. M., The nature of the sense-datum theory.

Dawes Hicks, G., The nature of sense-data.

Hellie, Benj, That which makes the sensation of blue a mental fact: Moore on phenomenal relationism.

Caruso, Gregg, A defence of the adverbial theory.

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Asper, Bounded Martin's maximum, weak $erd\h{o}s$ cardinals, and $\psi_{AC}$.

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Burns, Jean E., Quantum fluctuations and the action of the mind. free will, quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle.

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Kind, Amy, What's so transparent about transparency?. transparency, representationalism, qualia.

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Mallah, Jacques, The many computations interpretation (MCI) of quantum mechanics.

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Arabatzis, Theodore, Can a historian of science be a scientific realist?.

Arai, Toshiyasu, Ordinal diagrams for π3-reflection.

Rosenthal, David M., The identity theory.

Lewis, Harry A., Mind and body.

Allaire, Edwin B., Wilfred Sellars. Science and metaphysics.

Bandes, Susan A., Child rape, moral outrage, and the death penalty.

Zangwill, Nick, Daydreams and anarchy: A defense of anomalous mental causation.

Kim, Jaegwon, Lonely souls: Causality and substance dualism.

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Zangwill, Nick, Explaining supervenience: Moral and mental.

Beckermann, Ansgar;Flohr, Hans;Kim, Jaegwon, Emergence or Reduction?: Prospects for Nonreductive Physicalism.

Beckermann, Ansgar, Reductive and nonreductive physicalism.