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  1. Browse from Seager, William E.: A brief history of the philosophical problem of consciousness
  2. Browse from Belford, Jules: A note on Hampshire's analogy
  3. Browse from Jacquette, Dale: Hume on infinite divisibility and sensible extensionless indivisibles
  4. Browse from Boër, Steven E.: A slim book about narrow content. Gabriel M. A. Segal
  5. Browse from Douglas-scott, Sionaidh: Book reviews
  6. Browse from Hare, R. M.: Objective prescriptions
  7. Browse from Landver, Avner: Singular σ-dense trees
  8. Browse from Nagel, Ernest: Determinism in history
  9. Browse from Salter, Alan: Book reviews
  10. Browse from Uebel, Thomas E.: An internalist dilemma regained
  11. Browse from Ewing, A. C.: Philosophical analysis in ethics
  12. Browse from Weatherson, Brian: Misleading indexicals
  13. Browse from Ramachandran, V. S.: By vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Lindsay M. Oberman
  14. Browse from Demaree, Eric: The case for Christian objectivism
  15. Browse from Gómez, Juan-carlos: The evolution of pretence: From intentional availability to intentional non-existence
  16. Browse from Hammann, Eva-Maria;Habisch, André;Pechlaner, Harald: Values that create value: Socially responsible business practices in SMEs – empirical evidence from German companies
  17. Browse from Robelli: Intelligence or Imagination?: A Reappraisal of the Past-- For a Better Tomorrow
  18. Browse from Merchant, Carolyn: Radical Ecology: The Search for a Livable World
  19. Browse from Wasson, Katherine: Consumer alert: Ethical issues raised by the sale of genetic tests directly to consumers
  20. Browse from Rynin, David: Statements, components and extensionality
  21. Browse from Mahadevan, T. M. P.: The Pañcadaśī of Bhāratītīrtha-Vidyāraṇya
  22. Browse from Cook, R.: Iteration one more time
  23. Browse from Wilken, Patrick;Bayne, Timothy J.;Cleeremans, Axel: The Oxford Companion to Consciousness
  24. Browse from Mendus, Susan: Different Voices, Still Lives: Problems in the Ethics of Care
  25. Browse from Tilghman, B. R.: The Moral Dimension of the Philosophical Investigations
  26. Browse from Chella, Antonio;Manzotti, Riccardo: Machine consciousness: A manifesto for robotics
  27. Browse from Indicated, No Authorship: Review of Minding the gap: Epistemology and philosophy of science in the two traditions
  28. Browse from Leary, Daniel Bell: The Modern World-Order and the Original Nature of Man
  29. Browse from Roumeliotis, Michael D.: "As a Rule": The Social Rule and the Common Habit
  30. Browse from Kollar, Rene: Pax: An early ecumenical journal
  31. Browse from Storck, A. C.: In Aristotelis Analytica Posteriora - Estudos acerca da recepção medieval dos Segundo Analíticos
  32. Browse from Woodhead, Geoffrey: Scripta Hierosolymitana (Publications of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Vol. i. Pp. iii + 144; 2 plates. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1954. Paper
  33. Browse from Lichtenberger, Achim: The Herodian Dynasty and Rome (J.) Wilker Für Rom und Jerusalem. Die herodianische Dynastie im 1. Jahrhundert n. Chr. (Studien zur Alten Geschichte 5.) Pp. 564. Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Antike, 2007. Cased, €69.90. ISBN: 978-3-938032-12-
  34. Browse from Kerr-Lawsoll, Angus: Whither Santayana's Aesthetics?
  35. Browse from Swindler, J. K.: The formal distinction
  36. Browse from Chance, Thomas: Philosophers, Red Tooth and Claw
  37. Browse from Båve, Arvid: How To Precisify Quantifiers
  38. Browse from Morrison, Joe: Skepticism about Inductive Knowledge
  39. Browse from Fouke, Daniel Clifford: Argument in Pascal's Pensées
  40. Browse from Burke, T. E.: Theological Originality
  41. Browse from Bentata, Victor: La question du Néant
  42. Browse from Ho, Foo Nin;Wang, Hui-Ming Deanna;Vitell, Scott J.: A Global Analysis of Corporate Social Performance: The Effects of Cultural and Geographic Environments
  43. Browse from Anderson, Thomas C.: Sartre and the Problem of Morality
  44. Browse from Roqué, Alicia Juarrero: Does Action Theory Rest on a Mistake?
  45. Browse from Diggle, James: The Classical Text E. J. Kenney: The Classical Text: Aspects of editing in the age of the printed book. Pp. xii + 174. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1974. Cloth, £4·50
  46. Browse from Haverfield, F.: Note on Aesch. Pr. V. 358
  47. Browse from Loukola, Olli: Combining morality and rationality: Hobbes on contracts and covenants
  48. Browse from D., H. A.: Logical Analysis and Contemporary Theism
  49. Browse from D., J. F.: Authority
  50. Browse from Watkins, Eric: The Argumentative Structure of Kant's Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science
  51. Browse from Prainsack, Barbara;Toom, Victor: Performing the Union: The Prüm Decision and the European dream
  52. Browse from Babich, Babette: On Nietzsche's Judgment of Style and Hume's Quixotic Taste: On the Science of Aesthetics and "Playing" the Satyr
  53. Browse from Doroszewski, Jan: Semiotyczno-systemowy model wiedzy medycznej
  54. Browse from Oliva, Alberto: É a ciência a razão em ação ou ação social sem razão?
  55. Browse from Scholl, Hans: Grundlinien Einer Systematischen Theologie: Aus Philosophischer Sicht
  56. Browse from Imai, Hiromichi: Maruyama Masao Kenkyū Josetsu: "Benshōhōteki Na Zentai Shugi" Kara "Hachi Ichigo Kakumeisetsu" E
  57. Browse from de Ruyter, Doret J.;Schinkel, Anders: On the Relations Between Parents' Ideals and Children's Autonomy
  58. Browse from Chappell, Vere C.: Ego and person: Phenomenology or analysis
  59. Browse from Renzi, Barbara G.: Kuhn's Evolutionary Social Epistemology
  60. Browse from Fry, Donald L.;Fry, Virginia H.: Continuing the Conversation regarding Myth and Culture
  61. Browse from McKenzie, Kevin: Formulating professional identity: The case of humanitarian aid
  62. Browse from Smith, Karl E.: Religion and the Project of Autonomy
  63. Browse from Horowitz, Phinehas ben Ẓevi Hirsch: ʻerkhe Ha-Haflaʼah: Otsar Nifla Midberot Ḳodesh
  64. Browse from Dougherty, Charles J.: Setting Health Care Priorities
  65. Browse from Uzych, L.: Public Health Law and Ethics: a Reader
  66. Browse from Artigas, Mariano: Simposio sobre la verdad científica
  67. Browse from Gómez, Luis Martínez: Bibliografía general de Filosofía Española
  68. Browse from Castelli, Elizabeth A.: Book Review: Paul and the Discourse of Power
  69. Browse from Jaworski, Marian: Die religiöse Erfahrung vom phänomenologischen Standpunkt aus gesehen1
  70. Browse from Aloni, Maria: Free choice, modals, and imperatives
  71. Browse from Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von Leibniz: De la vraie théologie mystique
  72. Browse from Attewell, Paul: Ethnomethodology since Garfinkel
  73. Browse from Price, John S.: Europe's Inner Demons. An Enquiry Inspired by the Great Witch-Hunt. By Norman Cohn. Pp. 302. (Sussex University Press, 1975.) Price £4·50
  74. Browse from Pàmpols, Carles Feixa;Reig, Mireia Campanera: La vida universitaria y el Plan Bolonia: retrato de dos generaciones estudiantiles
  75. Browse from Alfageme, Ignacio Rodríguez: Inicios y finales de discurso en Aristófanes Openings and Endings in Aristophanes's Speeches
  76. Browse from Conron, John J.: The Things That Are Not Caesar's
  77. Browse from Sucharek, Pavol: Hraničná skúsenosť čítania: Maurice Blanchot
  78. Browse from Andina, Tiziana: Dalla parte di testadura: Ontologia E percezione
  79. Browse from Lacey, Hugh: Investigating the environmental risks of transgenic crops
  80. Browse from Batho, Gordon;Bourne, Jill;Collins, Irene;Dovaston, Veda;Gilliland, J.;Gosden, Peter;Hamlyn, D. W.;Merry, Roger;Nisbet, John;Richardson, Martin;Rogers, Alan;Torrance, Harry;Woods, Peter: Reviews
  81. Browse from Jakić, Mirko: Conjectures and metalogical rules
  82. Browse from Taylor-Davis, M.: Book Review: Clarence N. Stone, Jeffrey R. Henig, Bryan D. Jones, & Carol Pierannunzi Building Civic Capacity: The Politics of Reforming Urban Schools
  83. Browse from Belancic, M.: The truth about war (Yugoslavia)
  84. Browse from Chaldecott, J. A.: The platinum pyrometers of Louis Bernard Guyton de Morveau, F.R.S
  85. Browse from Werle, Raymund: Standards and standards organizations in the international free trade regime
  86. Browse from Rowan, Andrew: Scientists and Animal Research: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?
  87. Browse from Block: Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theodrama
  88. Browse from Ginzburg, Carlo: Family Resemblances and Family Trees: Two Cognitive Metaphors
  89. Browse from Baicker, Katherine;Dow, William H.: Risk Selection and Risk Adjustment: Improving Insurance in the Individual and Small Group Markets
  90. Browse from Banks, Harlan P.: Early Vascular Land Plants: Proof and Conjecture
  91. Browse from Nasr, S. H.: Kitab al-burhan
  92. Browse from Beasley, Mary: 10 From conflict to community
  93. Browse from Stadler, Friedrich: Remembering Dick Jeffrey (1926–2002)
  94. Browse from Koslowski, Peter: Conversation between the Representatives of the World Religions after the Conclusion of the Public Discourse
  95. Browse from Berti, A.;Rizzolatti, G.: Coding near and far space
  96. Browse from Aubertin, Catherine: Dossier Interdisciplinarité L'interdisciplinarité victime de la réforme institutionnelle de l'IRD
  97. Browse from Smedick, Lois K.: Parallelism and Pointing in Rolle's Rhythmical Style
  98. Browse from Spier, J. M.: Het veld van onderzoek voor de Theologie (2)
  99. Browse from Marletta, Simone: La politica in Julius Evola: tra Tradizione e modernità
  100. Browse from Kurth, Godefroid: A propos du Vita Genovefea: quelques mots de réponse à M. Bruno Krusch

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Miyasaki, Donovan, Against the Moral Appraisal of Art: Wayne Booth and the Case of Huck Finn. Morality, Art, Aesthetics, Ethics, Literature, Aesthetic Judgment.

Anderson, James C.;Dean, Jeffrey T., Moderate autonomism.

Carroll, Noël, Ethics and aesthetics: Replies to Dickie, Stecker, and Livingston.

Carroll, Noël, Moderate moralism. art and morality, moralism.

Carroll, Noel, Moderate moralism versus moderate autonomism. Ethical Criticism.

Carroll, Noël, The wheel of virtue: Art, literature, and moral knowledge. moralism, art and morality, aesthetics and ethics.

Collinson, Diané, ‘Ethics and aesthetics are one’.

Connolly, O., Ethicism and moderate moralism.

Cory, Herbert Ellsworth, Beauty and goodness: Art and morality.

Dickie, George, The triumph in triumph of the will.

Giovannelli, Alessandro, The ethical criticism of art: A new mapping of the territory. Ethical Criticism, Moral Persuasion.

Grossman, Morris, Art and morality: On the ambiguity of a distinction.

Mason, Michelle, Moral prejudice and aesthetic deformity: Rereading Hume's "of the standard of taste". David Hume, taste, aesthetics.

Mullin, Amy, Moral defects, aesthetic defects, and the imagination. MoralEd, Aesthetics, Imagination, Resistance, Dissertation.

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Harold, James, Immoralism and the Valence Constraint.

Stecker, Robert, Immoralism and the anti-theoretical view.

Hagberg, Garry, Art and Ethical Criticism. Aesthetics , Aesthetics Moral and ethical aspects, Art Philosophy.

Gaut, Berys Nigel, Art, Emotion and Ethics. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Bermúdez, José Luis;Gardner, Sebastian, Art and Morality. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Levinson, Jerrold, Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Anderson, John, Art and morality.

Armstrong, David M.;Malcolm, Norman, Consciousness and Causality: A Debate on the Nature of Mind. Causality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Wittgenstein.

Barlingay, S. S., Awareness. Animal, Atman, Awareness, Epistemology, Mind, Self-consciousness.

Block, Ned, Consciousness.

Block, Ned, Philosophical issues about consciousness.

Block, Ned;Flanagan, Owen J.;Guzeldere, Guven, The Nature of Consciousness: Philosophical Debates. Consciousness, Content, Experience, Knowledge, Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Qualia, Science.

Carruthers, Peter, Phenomenal Consciousness: A Naturalistic Theory. Consciousness , Naturalism.

Catalano, Joseph S., Thinking Matter: Consciousness From Aristotle to Putnam and Sartre. Consciousness , Matter.

Seidel, George J., Toward a Hermeneutics of Spirit. Spirit.

Chalmers, David J., Consciousness and its place in nature.

Chalmers, David J., Precis of _The Conscious Mind_. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Psychology, World.

Chalmers, David J., The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory. Philosophy of mind , Consciousness , Mind and body , Dualism.

Schmitt, Frederick F., Theories of Truth. Truth.

Allen, Barry, Knowledge and Civilization. Knowledge, Theory of.

Lough, John, The Philosophes and Post-Revolutionary France. Political science History, Social sciences History.

Saumur, Lucien, The Humanist Evangel. Humanism.

Seung, T. K., Structuralism and Hermeneutics. Structuralism , Structuralism (Literary analysis , Hermeneutics.

Chatterjee, Amita, Perspectives on Consciousness. Consciousness, Indian, Metaphysics, Mind, Perception.

Churchland, Paul M.;Churchland, Patricia S., Recent work on consciousness: Philosophical, theoretical, and empirical. Consciousness, Perception.

Davies, Martin;Humphreys, Glyn W., Consciousness: Philosophical and Psychological Essays.

Dennett, Daniel C., Consciousness: How much is that in real money?.

Flanagan, Owen J., Consciousness.

Flanagan, Owen J.;Guzeldere, Guven, Consciousness: A philosophical tour.

Flanagan, Owen J., Consciousness Reconsidered. Consciousness, Experience, Mental States, Metaphysics, Naturalism, Phenomena, Psychoanalysis, Science, Subjective.

Foss, Jeffrey E., Science and the Riddle of Consciousness: A Solution. *Consciousness States, *Theories.

Van Vechten, B. D., The First Year of Forever: Surviving the Death of Our Son. Death.

Watt, E. D., Authority. Authority.

Gennaro, Rocco J., Consciousness. mind, brain, supervenience, Cartesian dualism, dualism, physicalism, materialism.

Gray, Jeffrey A., Consciousness: What is the problem and how should it be addressed?. Behavior, Causation, Consciousness, Psychology, Science.

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Guzeldere, Guven, Consciousness: What it is, how to study it, what to learn from its history. Body, Consciousness, History, Psychology, Science.

Guzeldere, Guven, Problems of consciousness: A perspective on contemporary issues, current debates.

Hannay, Alastair, Human Consciousness. Cartesianism, Experience, Human Consciousness, Intentionality, Mental States, Metaphysics, Object, Philosophical Psychology, Subject, Third Man Argument.

Hannay, Alastair, The claims of consciousness: A critical survey. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Selfhood, Soul.

Honderich, Ted, On Consciousness. Brain, Consciousness, Intentionality, Metaphysics, Mind.

Hurley, Susan L., Consciousness in Action. Action, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Perception.

Hurley, Susan L., Precis of _Consciousness in Action_.

Jackendoff, Ray S., Consciousness and the Computational Mind. Cognition, Computability, Consciousness, Language, Metaphysics, Mind, Phenomenology, Psychology, Vision.

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Jackson, Frank, Consciousness. Consciousness, Materialism, Mind.

Jarvilehto, Timo, New directions for consciousness research?.

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Kirk, Robert, Raw Feeling: A Philosophical Account of the Essence of Consciousness. Behaviorism, Consciousness, Emotion, Feeling, Humanity, Knowledge, Language, Metaphysics, Mind, Self, Society.

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Lloyd, Dan, Radiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness. Brain, Consciousness, Fiction, Metaphysics, Neuroscience.

Lormand, Eric, Consciousness.

Lormand, Eric, Steps toward a science of consciousness?.

Lycan, William G., Consciousness. Awareness, Color, Consciousness, Free Will, Functionalism, Intentionality, Metaphysics, Nature, Quality, Homunculus.

Lycan, William G., Consciousness and Experience. Consciousness , Experience.

15, The Responsibilities of A. Businessman, J. R. Lucas.

31, The Ethics of Corporate Downsizing, John Orlando.

49, The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops, Ian Maitland.

Crisp, Roger, A Defence of Philosophical Business Ethics.

McGinn, Colin, Consciousness and its Objects. Atomism, Body, Consciousness, Intentionality, Metaphysics, Mind, Object.

Metzinger, Thomas, Conscious Experience. Brain, Cognition, Consciousness, Experience, Mental, Metaphysics, Phenomenology, Science.

Metzinger, Thomas, The problem of consciousness. Consciousness, Mental, Problem, Unconscious.

Minsky, Marvin L., Consciousness.

Murata, Junichi, Consciousness and the mind-body problem. Metaphysics, Mind-body, Occasionalism.

Nelkin, Norton, Consciousness and the Origins of Thought. Philosophy of mind , Consciousness.

O'Shaughnessy, Brian, Consciousness and the World. Consciousness, Experience, Imagination, Mental, Metaphysics, Perception, Self, Will, World.

Papineau, David, Introducing Consciousness.

Papineau, David, Thinking About Consciousness. Consciousness, Dualism, Materialism, Metaphysics, Mind, Phenomena.

Papineau, David, Theories of consciousness. Consciousness, Physicalism.

Perry, John, Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness. *Cognition, *Consciousness States, *Dualism, *Knowledge Level, *Philosophies.

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Sayre, Kenneth M., Consciousness: A Philosophic Study of Minds and Machines. Action, Animal, Attention, Brain Processes, Consciousness, Disposition, Event, Feedback, Functionalism, Identity Theory, Machine, Metaphysics, Mind, Motivation, Other Minds, Pain, Perception, Purpose, Response, Bigelow, J, Rosenblueth, A, Ryle, G, Scriven, M, Taylor, C, Taylor, R, Wiener, N.