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  1. Browse from Seager, William E.: A brief history of the philosophical problem of consciousness
  2. Browse from Abbott, Don Paul: Kant, Theremin, and the Morality of Rhetoric
  3. Browse from Conway, Michael A.: A positive phenomenology: The structure of Maurice Blondel's early philosophy
  4. Browse from Ignatow, Assen: Mil'ner-irinin's metaphysical ethics between God and nature
  5. Browse from Olscamp, Paul J.: Some remarks about the nature of aesthetic perception and appreciation
  6. Browse from Tye, Michael: Why the vague need not be higher-order vague
  7. Browse from Scott, W. R.: New books
  8. Browse from Eggerman, Richard W.: Is normative aesthetics a viable field for philosophic inquiry?
  9. Browse from Kotchoubey, Boris: Beyond mechanism and constructivism
  10. Browse from Rybakov, Vladimir V.: Admissibility of Logical Inference Rules
  11. Browse from Figueroa, Robert Melchior;Waitt, Gordon: Cracks in the mirror: (Un)covering the moral terrains of environmental justice at ulu R u-Kata tju T a national park
  12. Browse from Herzogenrath, Bernd: The "weather of music" : sounding nature in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  13. Browse from Wright, W. K.: God and emergent evolution
  14. Browse from Toulmin, Stephen: The Claim of Morality. By N. H. G. Robinson (London: Gollancz. 1952. Pp. 333. Price 21s.)What is Value? By Everett W. Hall. (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1952. Pp. xiv + 255. Price 25s.)
  15. Browse from Humphries, Jill: Gödel's proof and the liar paradox
  16. Browse from Fleischhauer, E.: Mecklenburger und Pommern in Europa und der Welt—eine wissenschaftliche Konferenz in Rostock
  17. Browse from Loike, John;Fischbach, Ruth;Tendler, Moshe: Jewish Views on the Beginnings of Human Life and the Use of Medical Intervention to Produce Children
  18. Browse from Sanders, Kirk R.: On a causal notion in philodemus' on anger
  19. Browse from Kapitsa, P. L.: A Scientific and Social Approach to the Solution of Global Problems
  20. Browse from Arbery, Glenn C.: Interpreting the Present
  21. Browse from Liu, Xin: The implication of Rawls' approach to public reason
  22. Browse from Klagge, James C.: Marx's Realms of 'Freedom' and 'Necessity'
  23. Browse from Adams, Todd L.: Tappan vs. Edwards on the Freedom Necessary for Moral Responsibility
  24. Browse from Vierkant, Tillmann: What metarepresentation is for
  25. Browse from Altieri, Lorenzo: À même les «choses mêmes»
  26. Browse from Minns, Ellis H.: Dated Greek Minuscule MSS Monumenta Palaeographica Vetera. First Series. Dated Greek Minuscule MSS. to the year 1200 A.d., edited by Kirsopp Lake and Silva Lake. Fasc. VII: MSS. in Rome, Part I, Nos. 258–290, Pls. 453–525. Fasc. VIII: MSS. in Rome, Part II, Nos. 291–330, Pls. 526–602. Fasc. IX: MSS. in Rome, Pt. III, in Messina, Naples, and London, Nos. 331–362, Pls. 603–673. Boston, U.S.A.: American Academy of Arts and Sciences (London, Christophers), 1937–1939. Portfolios, 42s. each
  27. Browse from W., R.: Galen on Anatomical Procedures (The Later Books)
  28. Browse from Carroll, Noël: On Ted Cohen: Intimate Laughter
  29. Browse from Schierwagen, Prof Andreas: On Reverse Engineering in the Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  30. Browse from Bulcock, J. A.: Introduction to a Collection of Issues within Bioethics, Philosophy of Medicine, and Philosophy of Psychiatry
  31. Browse from Szymanek, Krzysztof: Argument Z Podobieństwa
  32. Browse from Kinzel, Till: Segun Afolabi, Transnational Identity, and the Politics of Belonging
  33. Browse from Liard, Louis: La logique algébrique de Boole
  34. Browse from Sullivan, Jim: The Missing Link
  35. Browse from Beller, Aaron;Litman, Ami: A Strengthening of Jensen's $square$ Principles
  36. Browse from Annas, George J.: In Thunder, Lightning or in Rain: What Three Doctors Can Do
  37. Browse from Belsky, Jill M.;Siebert, Stephen F.: Cultivating cacao Implications of sun-grown cacao on local food security and environmental sustainability
  38. Browse from Loewy, Erich H.: Spending more on health care: An idea whose time is long past
  39. Browse from Navarro, Maria: Book Review ofControversy and Confrontation, Relating Controversy Analysis With Argumentation Theory
  40. Browse from Etcheverría, Ramón Trevijano: Biliografía patrística hispano-luso-americana, XII (1999-2000)
  41. Browse from Engel, Pascal;Ciancio, Claudio;Parrini, Paolo: Per la verità, di Diego Marconi
  42. Browse from Somos, Mark: A century of “Hate and Coarse Thinking”: anti-Machiavellian Machiavellism in HG Wells' The New Machiavelli (1911)
  43. Browse from Gadamer, Hans-Georg: Platón y los poetas
  44. Browse from Meixner, Uwe: Oxford Studies in Metaphysics
  45. Browse from Borges, Jorge Luis: Walt Whitman: Man and Myth
  46. Browse from Shutte, M. F. N.: Spirituality and intersubjectivity : a philosophical understanding of the relation between the spiritual nature of persons and basic structures of intersubjectivity
  47. Browse from Sterelny, Kim: Learning, selection, and species
  48. Browse from Henry, J.: Bergsonisme et morale
  49. Browse from Malott, Kay;Northrop, James T.;Griffen, Robert W.: Generalization of wavelength matching to novel stimulus combinations
  50. Browse from Poland, Franz: Geschichte des griechischen Vereinswesens
  51. Browse from Juengst, E. T.;Weil, C. J.;Hackler, C.;Mosely, R.;Vawter, D.: Interpreting proxy directives: clinical decision-making and the durable power of attorney for health care
  52. Browse from Roberts, L.: Aphasia, apraxia and agnosia in abnormal states of cerebral dominance
  53. Browse from Festenstein, Matthew: Pragmatism, Social Democracy, and Political Argument
  54. Browse from Riofrio, Walter: Informational dynamic systems: Autonomy, information, function
  55. Browse from Almeida, Margarida Isura;Baum, Manfred;Bernot, Richard;Cacoullos, Ann;Cho, In-Rae;Contim, Filipe Drapeau;Doyle, James;Eunky, Paik;Gandon, Sébastien;Geng, Kaijun: Visiting professors from abroad, 2007–2008
  56. Browse from Delcornobranca, D.: Politian poetry and the language of used in the'rispetti'
  57. Browse from Tyfield, David: Rethinking Marxism: From Kant and Hegel to Marx and Engels. By Jolyon Agar
  58. Browse from Ross, Stephanie: Gardens' Powers
  59. Browse from Núñez, Juan Antonio Álvarez Pedrosa: Winn, Shan MM, Heaven, heroes, and happiness: the Indo-European roots of Western ideology
  60. Browse from Apel, K. O.;Nagel, T.;Taylor, C.;Frank, M.;Maclntyre, A.: Conference Announcement: Heidegger
  61. Browse from Gorfein, Ds;Walters, Mf;Obrien, J.: How does read differ from generate
  62. Browse from : From the Editors
  63. Browse from McAllester Jones, Mary: Gaston Bachelard, Subversive Humanist: Texts and Readings
  64. Browse from Émery, Gilles: La Trinité Créatrice: Trinité Et Création Dans les Commentaires aux Sentences de Thomas D’Aquin Et de Ses Précurseurs Albert le Grand Et Bonaventure
  65. Browse from Brossat, A.: Mémoire, pauvre miracle
  66. Browse from Harrison, Mark: Prevention and Cure: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: A Twentieth‐Century Quest for Global Public Health
  67. Browse from Reichlin, Massimo: Ordinary Moral Knowledge and Philosophical Ethics in Sidgwick and Kant
  68. Browse from Tozzi, Roberto: P. Carabellese, Dialettica delle forme, voll. II-III
  69. Browse from Sladeczek, Franz Maria: Die verschiedenen Bedeutungen des Seins nach dem hl. Thomas von Aquin. II. Teil
  70. Browse from P., P. P. P.: Gentile giovane
  71. Browse from Dalat, Jean;Montesquieu, Académie: Montesquieu, Chef de Famille En Lutte Avec Ses Beaux-Parents, Sa Femme, Ses Enfants
  72. Browse from Audouze, Jean;Carrière, Jean-Claude: Regards Sur le Visible
  73. Browse from Guru, Nåaråayana;Prasad, Narayana: The Vedåanta-Såutras of Nåaråayaòna Guru with an English Translation of the Original Sanskrit and Commentary
  74. Browse from Râua, Josâe Luis Garcâia;Pacho, Juliâan;Plato: A Vueltas Con la Ley a Prop'osito Del Crit'on de Plat'on
  75. Browse from Striker, Gisela: Peras Und Apeiron Das Problem der Formen in Platons Philebos
  76. Browse from Lewis, Geneviève: Ame et conscience chez Descartes: Exposé
  77. Browse from Johnson, Richard E.: In Quest of a New Psychology: Toward a Redefinition of Humanism
  78. Browse from Camci, Cihan: Desire And Inter-subjectivity, An Anthropo-genetic Approach To HegelArzu Ve Öznelerarasilik: Hegel'e Antropo-genetik Bir Yaklaşim
  79. Browse from Madaule, Jacques: Analyses et comptes rendus
  80. Browse from Vich, Miles: Travel Tips for a New Baby
  81. Browse from Marquant, Robert: Baumgart , Der Friede von Paris. 1856. Studien zum Verhältnis von Kriegführung, Politik und Friendensbewahrung
  82. Browse from Strauss, D. F. M.: Number-concept and number-idea
  83. Browse from Runia, D.: How to Search Philo
  84. Browse from Augstein, Carl: Sein und absolute Poesie. Bemerkungen zu Werner Günthers Abhandlung in Bd. 23 (..
  85. Browse from Dyroff, Ad: Das Selbstgefühl
  86. Browse from Janentzky, Christian: Goethe und das Tragische. Ein Vortrag
  87. Browse from Becker, Carl L.: Modern Democracy. By Frank H. Knight
  88. Browse from Goblot, Goblot: La finalité en biologie
  89. Browse from : Trámite de la queja y el debido proceso
  90. Browse from Waszek, Norbert: Two Concepts of Morality: A Distinction of Adam Smith's Ethics and its Stoic Origin
  91. Browse from Meillet, A.: La langue et l'écriture
  92. Browse from Andersson, Gunnar: Rättfårdigande och kritisk prövning
  93. Browse from De TonquÉdec, J.: Notes d'exégèse thomiste. Connaissance et assimilation
  94. Browse from de Felipe, Iñigo Ongay: Platón victoriano
  95. Browse from Bache, Gustav Wilhelm Kurt: Kants Prinzip der Autonomie in Verhältnis Zur Idee des Reiches der Zwecke
  96. Browse from al-din, Nawal Zayn: Al-la-Ma Qul Wa-Al-Zaman Wa-Al-Mutlaq Fi Masrah Tawfiq Al-Hakim
  97. Browse from Nebel, Carl: Hat Schopenhauer gelebt?
  98. Browse from : Editorial
  99. Browse from Schramme, Thomas: New Perspectives on Paternalism and Health Care
  100. Browse from Nasser, Eduardo: Review Miguel Angel de Barrechenea, Charles Feitosa, Paulo Pinheiro, and Rosana Suarez, eds.,Nietzsche e as ciências. Rio de Janeiro : 7 Letras / UNIRIO, 2011. 358 pp. ISBN: 978-85-7577-764-0. Paper, R$44

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Miyasaki, Donovan, Against the Moral Appraisal of Art: Wayne Booth and the Case of Huck Finn. Morality, Art, Aesthetics, Ethics, Literature, Aesthetic Judgment.

Anderson, James C.;Dean, Jeffrey T., Moderate autonomism.

Carroll, Noël, Ethics and aesthetics: Replies to Dickie, Stecker, and Livingston.

Carroll, Noël, Moderate moralism. art and morality, moralism.

Carroll, Noel, Moderate moralism versus moderate autonomism. Ethical Criticism.

Carroll, Noël, The wheel of virtue: Art, literature, and moral knowledge. moralism, art and morality, aesthetics and ethics.

Collinson, Diané, ‘Ethics and aesthetics are one’.

Connolly, O., Ethicism and moderate moralism.

Cory, Herbert Ellsworth, Beauty and goodness: Art and morality.

Dickie, George, The triumph in triumph of the will.

Giovannelli, Alessandro, The ethical criticism of art: A new mapping of the territory. Ethical Criticism, Moral Persuasion.

Grossman, Morris, Art and morality: On the ambiguity of a distinction.

Mason, Michelle, Moral prejudice and aesthetic deformity: Rereading Hume's "of the standard of taste". David Hume, taste, aesthetics.

Mullin, Amy, Moral defects, aesthetic defects, and the imagination. MoralEd, Aesthetics, Imagination, Resistance, Dissertation.

Eaton, Marcia Muelder, Integrating the aesthetic and the moral.

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Eaton, A. W., Where Ethics and Aesthetics Meet: Titian's Rape of Europa.

Harold, James, Immoralism and the Valence Constraint.

Stecker, Robert, Immoralism and the anti-theoretical view.

Hagberg, Garry, Art and Ethical Criticism. Aesthetics , Aesthetics Moral and ethical aspects, Art Philosophy.

Gaut, Berys Nigel, Art, Emotion and Ethics. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Bermúdez, José Luis;Gardner, Sebastian, Art and Morality. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Levinson, Jerrold, Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Anderson, John, Art and morality.

Armstrong, David M.;Malcolm, Norman, Consciousness and Causality: A Debate on the Nature of Mind. Causality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Wittgenstein.

Barlingay, S. S., Awareness. Animal, Atman, Awareness, Epistemology, Mind, Self-consciousness.

Block, Ned, Consciousness.

Block, Ned, Philosophical issues about consciousness.

Block, Ned;Flanagan, Owen J.;Guzeldere, Guven, The Nature of Consciousness: Philosophical Debates. Consciousness, Content, Experience, Knowledge, Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Qualia, Science.

Carruthers, Peter, Phenomenal Consciousness: A Naturalistic Theory. Consciousness , Naturalism.

Catalano, Joseph S., Thinking Matter: Consciousness From Aristotle to Putnam and Sartre. Consciousness , Matter.

Seidel, George J., Toward a Hermeneutics of Spirit. Spirit.

Chalmers, David J., Consciousness and its place in nature.

Chalmers, David J., Precis of _The Conscious Mind_. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Psychology, World.

Chalmers, David J., The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory. Philosophy of mind , Consciousness , Mind and body , Dualism.

Schmitt, Frederick F., Theories of Truth. Truth.

Allen, Barry, Knowledge and Civilization. Knowledge, Theory of.

Lough, John, The Philosophes and Post-Revolutionary France. Political science History, Social sciences History.

Saumur, Lucien, The Humanist Evangel. Humanism.

Seung, T. K., Structuralism and Hermeneutics. Structuralism , Structuralism (Literary analysis , Hermeneutics.

Chatterjee, Amita, Perspectives on Consciousness. Consciousness, Indian, Metaphysics, Mind, Perception.

Churchland, Paul M.;Churchland, Patricia S., Recent work on consciousness: Philosophical, theoretical, and empirical. Consciousness, Perception.

Davies, Martin;Humphreys, Glyn W., Consciousness: Philosophical and Psychological Essays.

Dennett, Daniel C., Consciousness: How much is that in real money?.

Flanagan, Owen J., Consciousness.

Flanagan, Owen J.;Guzeldere, Guven, Consciousness: A philosophical tour.

Flanagan, Owen J., Consciousness Reconsidered. Consciousness, Experience, Mental States, Metaphysics, Naturalism, Phenomena, Psychoanalysis, Science, Subjective.

Foss, Jeffrey E., Science and the Riddle of Consciousness: A Solution. *Consciousness States, *Theories.

Van Vechten, B. D., The First Year of Forever: Surviving the Death of Our Son. Death.

Watt, E. D., Authority. Authority.

Gennaro, Rocco J., Consciousness. mind, brain, supervenience, Cartesian dualism, dualism, physicalism, materialism.

Gray, Jeffrey A., Consciousness: What is the problem and how should it be addressed?. Behavior, Causation, Consciousness, Psychology, Science.

Gray, Richard, Recent work on consciousness. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Carruthers, P, Levine, J, Papineau, D, Rowlands, M, Velmans, M.

Gregory, Richard L., Consciousness in science and philosophy: Conscience and con-science.

Guzeldere, Guven, Consciousness: What it is, how to study it, what to learn from its history. Body, Consciousness, History, Psychology, Science.

Guzeldere, Guven, Problems of consciousness: A perspective on contemporary issues, current debates.

Hannay, Alastair, Human Consciousness. Cartesianism, Experience, Human Consciousness, Intentionality, Mental States, Metaphysics, Object, Philosophical Psychology, Subject, Third Man Argument.

Hannay, Alastair, The claims of consciousness: A critical survey. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Selfhood, Soul.

Honderich, Ted, On Consciousness. Brain, Consciousness, Intentionality, Metaphysics, Mind.

Hurley, Susan L., Consciousness in Action. Action, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Perception.

Hurley, Susan L., Precis of _Consciousness in Action_.

Jackendoff, Ray S., Consciousness and the Computational Mind. Cognition, Computability, Consciousness, Language, Metaphysics, Mind, Phenomenology, Psychology, Vision.

Mashour, George A., Integrating the science of consciousness and anesthesia.

Jackson, Frank, Consciousness. Consciousness, Materialism, Mind.

Jarvilehto, Timo, New directions for consciousness research?.

Jaynes, Julian, The problem of consciousness.

Kirk, Robert, Raw Feeling: A Philosophical Account of the Essence of Consciousness. Behaviorism, Consciousness, Emotion, Feeling, Humanity, Knowledge, Language, Metaphysics, Mind, Self, Society.

Kriegel, Uriah, Theories of consciousness. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Phenomena, Representation.

Kriegel, Uriah, Philosophical theories of consciousness: Contemporary western perspectives.

Levine, Joseph, Recent work on consciousness. Consciousness, Materialism, Metaphysics, Mind, Subjectivity.

Livingston, Paul M., Philosophical History and the Problem of Consciousness. Content, Experience, Functionalism, History, Identity, Metaphysics, Structuralism, Husserl, Ryle, G, Schlick.

Lloyd, Dan, Radiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness. Brain, Consciousness, Fiction, Metaphysics, Neuroscience.

Lormand, Eric, Consciousness.

Lormand, Eric, Steps toward a science of consciousness?.

Lycan, William G., Consciousness. Awareness, Color, Consciousness, Free Will, Functionalism, Intentionality, Metaphysics, Nature, Quality, Homunculus.

Lycan, William G., Consciousness and Experience. Consciousness , Experience.

15, The Responsibilities of A. Businessman, J. R. Lucas.

31, The Ethics of Corporate Downsizing, John Orlando.

49, The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops, Ian Maitland.

Crisp, Roger, A Defence of Philosophical Business Ethics.

McGinn, Colin, Consciousness and its Objects. Atomism, Body, Consciousness, Intentionality, Metaphysics, Mind, Object.

Metzinger, Thomas, Conscious Experience. Brain, Cognition, Consciousness, Experience, Mental, Metaphysics, Phenomenology, Science.

Metzinger, Thomas, The problem of consciousness. Consciousness, Mental, Problem, Unconscious.

Minsky, Marvin L., Consciousness.

Murata, Junichi, Consciousness and the mind-body problem. Metaphysics, Mind-body, Occasionalism.

Nelkin, Norton, Consciousness and the Origins of Thought. Philosophy of mind , Consciousness.

O'Shaughnessy, Brian, Consciousness and the World. Consciousness, Experience, Imagination, Mental, Metaphysics, Perception, Self, Will, World.

Papineau, David, Introducing Consciousness.

Papineau, David, Thinking About Consciousness. Consciousness, Dualism, Materialism, Metaphysics, Mind, Phenomena.

Papineau, David, Theories of consciousness. Consciousness, Physicalism.

Perry, John, Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness. *Cognition, *Consciousness States, *Dualism, *Knowledge Level, *Philosophies.

Prather, Alfred G. B., Philosophy Theory and Structure of Consciousness. Consciousness, Knowledge, Philosophy, Structure, Theory.

Revonsuo, Antti;Kamppinen, Matti, Consciousness in Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience. Consciousness Congresses, Philosophy of mind Congresses, Cognitive neuroscience Congresses.

Robinson, William S., Understanding Phenomenal Consciousness. Consciousness.

Rogers, A. K., Some recent theories of consciousness.

Rosenberg, Gregg H., A Place for Consciousness: Probing the Deep Structure of the Natural World. Causation, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Physicalism.

Rosenthal, David M., Consciousness and the mind. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Psychoanalysis, Freud.

Rowlands, Mark, The Nature of Consciousness. Consciousness.

Sahu, Gopal, Multi-disciplinary research on consciousness: What philosophy can do. Consciousness, Metaphysics, Phenomena, Philosophy, Research.

Sayre, Kenneth M., Consciousness: A Philosophic Study of Minds and Machines. Action, Animal, Attention, Brain Processes, Consciousness, Disposition, Event, Feedback, Functionalism, Identity Theory, Machine, Metaphysics, Mind, Motivation, Other Minds, Pain, Perception, Purpose, Response, Bigelow, J, Rosenblueth, A, Ryle, G, Scriven, M, Taylor, C, Taylor, R, Wiener, N.