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  1. Browse from Beckermann, Ansgar: Reductive and nonreductive physicalism
  2. Browse from Bergmann, Gustav: Elementarism
  3. Browse from Denyer, Nicholas: Aristotle on modality, II
  4. Browse from Hamilton, Andy: Aesthetics and the environmen: The appreciation of nature, art and architecture
  5. Browse from Ladd, George Trumbull: A defence of idealism
  6. Browse from Murphy, Arthur E.: Ideals and ideologies: 1917-1947
  7. Browse from Salter, William M.: Moral forces in dealing with the labor question
  8. Browse from Vaarst, Mette;Alban, Lis;Mogensen, Lisbeth;Milan, Stig;Kristensen, Erik Steen: Health and Welfare in Danish Dairy Cattle in the Transition to Organic Production: Problems, Priorities and Perspectives
  9. Browse from Frede, Dorothea: Comment on Hintikka's paper 'on the ingredients of an aristotelian science'
  10. Browse from Woleński, Jan: Recensioni
  11. Browse from Malcolm, Norman: I believe that "p"'
  12. Browse from Bechtel, William P.;Stufflebeam, Robert S.: PET: Exploring the myth and the method
  13. Browse from Adamson, Peter: The theology of Aristotle
  14. Browse from Hursthouse, Rosalind: Acting and Feeling in Character: "Nicomachean Ethics" 3.i
  15. Browse from Pruss, Alexander R.: Fine- and Coarse-Tuning, Normalizability, and Probabilistic Reasoning
  16. Browse from Horgan, Terry;Timmons, Mark: What does the frame problem tell us about moral normativity?
  17. Browse from Barnett, Lincoln Kinnear: The Universe and Dr. Einstein
  18. Browse from Luckhardt, C. Grant: How to Do Things with Logic
  19. Browse from Santayana, George: The Genteel Tradition at Bay
  20. Browse from Hardcastle, Valerie Gray: Distinctions without differences: Commentary on Horgan and Tienson's connectionism and the philosophy of psychology
  21. Browse from O'Flaherty, Vincent M.: How to Make Up Your Mind
  22. Browse from Daly, Eamon: Personal autonomy in the travel panopticon
  23. Browse from Stroud, Barry G.: Perspectives on Quine
  24. Browse from Brennan, Andrew: Best candidates and theories of identity
  25. Browse from Schroeder, Severin: 'Too Low!': Frank Cioffi on Wittgenstein's Lectures on Aesthetics
  26. Browse from Agar, Nicholas: Philosophical Naturalism
  27. Browse from Reichberg, Gregory;Syse, Henrik: Special issue on 'ethics and international law'
  28. Browse from Pieper, Herbert: Alexander von Humboldt und die Berufung Jacob Jacobis an die Wiener Universität
  29. Browse from Páez Canosa, Rodrigo: Figuras de la antipolítica en Carl Schmitt
  30. Browse from Ream, Todd C.: Revelation, Scripture and Church: Theological Hermaneutic Thought of James Barr, Paul Ricoeur and Hans Frei. By Richard R. Topping
  31. Browse from Yang, Amy: Psychoanalysis and Detective Fiction: a tale of Freud and criminal storytelling
  32. Browse from Frend, W. H. C.: J. N. Sevenster: Paul and Seneca. Pp. vii+251. Leiden: Brill, 1961. Cloth, fl. 28
  33. Browse from Spatharas, Dimos: G. Mazzara: Gorgia. La retorica del verosimile . (International Pre-Platonic Studies I.) Pp. ix + 261. Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 1999. Cased, DM 88. ISBN: 3-89665-057-
  34. Browse from Classen, Constance: Inca Cosmology and the Human Body
  35. Browse from Genova, A. C.: Public manifestability and language-internalism
  36. Browse from McDowell, J.: Bioethics
  37. Browse from Jesse, Jennifer G.: Reflections on the Benefits and Risks of Interdisciplinary Study in Theology, Philosophy, and Literature
  38. Browse from Plötz, Matthias: Hoppmann, Michael J.: Argumentative Verteidigung. Grundlegung zu einer modernen Statuslehre. [Argumentative Advocacy. Foundations of a Modern Stasis Theory.]
  39. Browse from Klimchuk, Dennis: Aristotle on Necessity and Voluntariness
  40. Browse from Wright, T. R.: Regenerating Narrative: The Gospels as Fiction
  41. Browse from Parain-Vial, J.: Le Tragique : L'expérience existentielle face à la contestation marxiste
  42. Browse from Littlejohn, Ronnie;Chandler, Marthe: Polishing the Chinese Mirror: Essays in Honor of Henry Rosemont, Jr.
  43. Browse from Bernstein, George: Bernstein (continued from page 23)
  44. Browse from Bastable, J. D.: Encyclopédie Française, Tome 19
  45. Browse from Ridgway, F. R. Serra: Black-Glaze Pottery Jean-Paul Morel: Céramique campanienne: les formes. (Bibliothèque des Écoles Françaises d'Athènes et de Rome, 244.) Two vols. Texte: pp. 690. Planches: 240 plates of line drawings. Rome: Ecole Française de Rome, 1981
  46. Browse from Campbell, I. M.: William G. Most: The Syntax of the Vitae Sanctorum Hiberniae. (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Latin Language and Literature, Vol.XXI.) Pp. xxvi+356. Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 1946. Paper
  47. Browse from Masís, Jethro: La fenomenalidad del fenómeno: En torno a § 7 de Ser y Tiempo de Heidegger
  48. Browse from Z., O.: Social Thought in the Soviet Union
  49. Browse from Musschenga, A. W.: The Relation Between Concepts of Quality-of-Life, Health and Happiness
  50. Browse from Phenix, Philip H.: Rejoinder to K. B. Henderson
  51. Browse from Nagel, Chris: Ark of the Possible
  52. Browse from Tiberius, Valerie;Mason, Michelle: Eudaimonia
  53. Browse from Minkevicius, Jakub: O tendencjach we współczesnej filozofii katolickiej
  54. Browse from Fichte, Johann Gottlieb;Bonaccini, Juan Adolfo: Sobre a Dignidade do Ser Humano. Discurso Proferido por Johann Gottlieb Fichte no fim de suas Preleções de Filosofia (1794)
  55. Browse from Yaghi, Marie-Noëlle Abi;Longuenesse, Élisabeth: Temps de travail et temps sociaux à Beyrouth. Employés de banque et chauffeurs de taxi
  56. Browse from Martí Andrés, Gabriel: La Inmortalidad Como Sempiternidad: Un Estudio Sobre El Ser Del Espíritu Humano En Tomás de Aquino
  57. Browse from Braicovich, Rodrigo Sebastian: On Some Rhetorical-pedagogical Strategies in Epictetus' Discourses Concerning Proairesis
  58. Browse from Luijk, Henk J. L. Van: In Search of Instruments. Business and Ethics Halfway
  59. Browse from de Laat, Paul B.: Open Source Software: A New Mertonian Ethos?
  60. Browse from Haber, Stéphane: Que faut-il reprocher aux Manuscrits de 1844?
  61. Browse from de Haan, P.: Godgeleerdheid en rechtsgeleerdheid: Vergelijkbare wetenschappen
  62. Browse from Staude, M.: Meaning and Description in Non-dualism: A Formalization and Extension
  63. Browse from Carbajo Núñez, Martín;Saco Alarcón, Caesar: Giovanni Duns Scoto: Studi E Ricerche Nel Vii Centenario Della Sua Morte: In Onore di P
  64. Browse from Annas, George J.: Quinlan, Saikewicz, and Now Brother Fox
  65. Browse from Odom, Richard D.: Effects of perceptual salience on the recall of relevant and incidental dimensional values: A developmental study
  66. Browse from Santalices, Gloria Comesaña: Investigar en tiempos de crisis: pensar, juzgar, actuar
  67. Browse from Latour, Bruno: Whose cosmos, which cosmopolitics? Comments on the peace terms of Ulrich Beck
  68. Browse from Prete, Marisa: La razionalità moderna e il problema della giustizia sociale
  69. Browse from Robinson, Abraham: Completeness and persistence in the theory of models
  70. Browse from Freudenthal, Gad: Joseph Ben-David's sociology of scientific knowledge
  71. Browse from Lobato, Abelardo: Presencia y voz femenina
  72. Browse from Rothblatt, Sheldon: The importance of being popular
  73. Browse from Santamaría, Justino López: Rafael Larrañeta Olleta, la pasión por Soren Kierkegaard. In memoriam (1945-2002)
  74. Browse from Lasch, Christopher: Excerpt from
  75. Browse from de Mello Moraes, Juliana: As celebrações nas igrejas da ordem terceira de São Francisco: festas e cultura entre os seculares franciscanos no Império português, século XVIII (The celebrations in the churches of the Third Ord. of St. Francis)-DOI: 10.5752/P. 2175-5841.2011 v9n21p306
  76. Browse from Reynolds, Gabriel Said: On the Qurʾanic Accusation of Scriptural Falsification (taḥrīf) and Christian Anti-Jewish Polemic
  77. Browse from Weinrib, Jacob: The Juridical Significance of Kant's 'Supposed Right to Lie'
  78. Browse from Fernandez, Christian;Including, Spam: Prochainement..
  79. Browse from Suter, Ann: Beyond the Limits of Lyric
  80. Browse from Goldstern, M.;Shelah, S.: Ramsey ultrafilters and the reaping number—con(<)
  81. Browse from Walter, Donald E.: Taking Justice to Iraq
  82. Browse from Giménez Béliveau, Verónica: En los márgenes de la institución. Reflexiones sobre las maneras diversas de ser y dejar de ser católico
  83. Browse from Mostov, Keith E.;Cardone, Michael H.: Regulation of protein traffic in polarized epithelial cells
  84. Browse from Dudley, R. M.: Interaction and dependence prevent estimation
  85. Browse from Lerner, Robert E.: New Light on The Mirror of Simple Souls
  86. Browse from Gibbons, J. Whitfield;Andrews, Kimberly M.: PIT Tagging: Simple Technology at Its Best
  87. Browse from Bauzá, Hugo F.: Las musas como metáfora de la inspiración poética: las musas y el problema de la inspiración poética en la Antigüedad Clásica
  88. Browse from Veatch, R. M.: Should we study the Hippocratic Oath?
  89. Browse from Glock, Hans J.: Book Reviews
  90. Browse from Walbank, Michael B.;Osborne, M. J.: Naturalization in Athens. 1. A Corpus of Athenian Decrees Granting Citizenship
  91. Browse from Ruml, V.: Some questions of the development of marxist-leninist philosophy
  92. Browse from Sodkika, Tomas: Mysticism of Meister Eckhart and the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl
  93. Browse from Tarkian, Tatjana: Gleichzeitig verstehen wir moralische Urteile als normative Urtei-le: als Urteile, mit denen wir ausdrücken, dass wir bestimmte Handlun
  94. Browse from Lazcano, A.: Complexity, self-organization and the origin of life: The happy liaison?
  95. Browse from Patel, Aster: The Contemporary Consciousness and Its Urge Towards Unity: An Aurobindonian Perspective
  96. Browse from Ciprotti, Nicola: 5. Maximal Worlds vs. Boundary Worlds
  97. Browse from Vossler, K.: The Spirit of Language in Civilization
  98. Browse from Volbeoa, Door Eowin: Het argument als instrument
  99. Browse from Noriega, José Ignacio Gracia: Bable y colonias
  100. Browse from Russell, Bertrand: The axiom of infinity

In this part of the index

Jaynes, Julian, The problem of consciousness.

Achinstein, Peter, The evidence against Kronz. Carnap.

Rosenthal, David M., State consciousness and transitive consciousness.

Nagasawa, Yujin, Thomas versus Thomas: A new approach to Nagel's bat argument.

Alter, Torin, The hard problem of consciousness.

Pereboom, Derk, Bats, brain scientists, and the limitations of introspection.

Stoljar, Daniel;Nagasawa, Yujin, Introduction to _There's Something About Mary_.

Bennett, Karen, Zombies everywhere!.

Wilson, Jessica M., Review of John Perry's _Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness_.

Bagaria, Joan;Woodin, W. Hugh, $\Underset{\tilde}{\delta}^1_n$ sets of reals.

Badger, Lee, Beth's property fails in $l^{.

Matey, Jennifer, Two HOTS to handle: The concept of state consciousness in the higher-order thought theory of consciousness.

Flohr, Hans, Sensations and brain processes.

Kriegel, Uriah, The same-order monitoring theory of consciousness.

Levine, Joseph, Conscious awareness and representation.

Weisberg, Josh, Same old, same old: The same-order representational theory of consciousness and the division of phenomenal labor. Consciousness, Same-order representation, Higher-order representation, Misrepresentation, Qualia.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Allan, D. J., New books.

Griffin, David Ray, Panexperiential physicalism and the mind-body problem.

van Cleve, James, Mind-dust or magic? Panpsychism versus emergence.

Pharoah, Mark, Looking to systems theory for a reductive explanation of phenomenal experience and evolutionary foundations for H.O.T. , .

Foster, John A., The Case for Idealism. Idealism , Realism.

Dretske, Fred, Phenomenal externalism.

Diaz-Leon, E., Can Phenomenal Concepts Explain The Epistemic Gap?.

Smith, Joel, On knowing which thing I am.

Bayne, Timothy J.;Chalmers, David J., What is the unity of consciousness?. *Awareness, *Theories, Experiences (Events).

Block, Ned, On a confusion about a function of consciousness. access, attention, awareness, blindsight, consciousness, function, retrieval.

Morsella, Ezequiel, The function of phenomenal states: Supramodular interaction theory.

Farkas, Katalin, Phenomenal intentionality without compromise. phenomenal intentionality, narrow content, internalism.

Hoche, Prof em Dr Hans-Ulrich, The conception of anthropological complementarism. An introduction.

Malle, Bertram F., Of windmills and straw men: Folk assumptions of mind and action. *Behavior, *Folk Psychology, *Intention, *Mind, *Volition, Introspection, Reasoning, Skepticism, Free will.

Collier, Mark, Two Puzzles in Hume's Epistemology. hume, skepticism, consequent skepticism.

Husserl, Edmund G., On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time (1893-1917). Translated by John Barnett Brough.

Mensch, James, Husserl's Account of Our Consciousness of Time. Husserl, Time-Consciousness, Retention, Protention, Self-Consciousness.

Filice, Carlo, Non-substantial streams of consciousness and free action.

Smith, Joel, Bodily awareness, imagination, and the self.

Wright, Edmond L., Querying "quining qualia".

Wright, Edmond L., The defence of qualia.

Block, Ned, Troubles with functionalism.

Hájek, Alan;Pettit, Philip, Desire beyond belief. Belief, Desire, Indexicality, Mental, Metaphysics, Lewis, D.

Brown, J., Natural kind terms and recognitional capacities.

Schroeter, Laura, Why be an anti-individualist?.

Gillett, Carl, The metaphysics of mechanisms and the challenge of the new reductionism.

Axinn, Sidney, Fallacy of the single risk.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., Patrolling the mind's boundaries. Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophy.

Field, Hartry, Logic, meaning, and conceptual role. Conceptual Scheme, Description, Language, Logic, Meaning, Name, Predication, Probability, Proposition, Semantics, Sentence, Truth Function, Verifiability, Popper, Quine.

Trapp, Rainer W., 'Utilitarianism incorporating justice'.

Shapiro, Lionel, Brandom on the normativity of meaning. pragmatism, propositional content, objectivity.

Avigad, Jeremy, On the relationships between ATR0 and $\widehat{ID}_{.

Avron, Arnon, A constructive analysis of RM.

Crane, Tim, Brentano's concept of intentional inexistence.

Mabaquiao, Napoleon M., Husserl's Theory of Intentionality. intentionalism, Edmund Husserl, Franz Brentano, phenomenology, noema, intentionality, consciousness.

Sorensen, Roy, Permission to Cheat.

Allen, Colin;Bekoff, Marc, Intentionality, social play, and definition. Ethology, cognitive ethology, play, intentionality, evolution, definition.

Stainton, Robert J.;Viger, Christopher D., Review of Jerry A. Fodor's _Concepts: Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong_. Concept, Metaphysics, Mind, Representation, Fodor, J.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., The origins of concepts. Concepts, Learning, Acquisition, Nativism, Innateness, Language of thought.

Weiskopf, Daniel A., The plurality of concepts. Concepts, Representation, Pluralism, Categorization, Psychological kinds.

Adams, E. M., The nature of the sense-datum theory.

Dawes Hicks, G., The nature of sense-data.

Hellie, Benj, That which makes the sensation of blue a mental fact: Moore on phenomenal relationism.

Caruso, Gregg, A defence of the adverbial theory.

Nickel, Bernhard, Against intentionalism. Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy.

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Asper, Bounded Martin's maximum, weak $erd\h{o}s$ cardinals, and $\psi_{AC}$.

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McDowell, John, Having the world in view: Sellars, Kant, and intentionality.

Hawthorne, John;Kovakovich, Karson, Disjunctivism.

Hare, Caspar, Obligation and Regret When There is No Fact of the Matter About What Would Have Happened if You Had not Done What You Did.

Marks, Lawrence E.;Odgaard, Eric C., Developmental constraints on theories of synesthesia.

Walton, Kendall, The dispensability of perceptual inferences.

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Burns, Jean E., Quantum fluctuations and the action of the mind. free will, quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle.

Kriegel, Uriah, Intrinsic theory and the content of inner awareness.

Cohen, Jonathan, Color: A functionalist proposal. Philosophy, Philosophy, Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion.

de Clercq, Rafael;Horsten, Leon, Perceptual indiscriminability: In defence of Wright's proof.

Hellie, Benj, Noise and perceptual indiscriminability. Color, Discrimination, Epistemology, Noise, Perception, Transitivity.

Mishler, Brent D.;Brandon, Robert N., Sex and the individuality of species: A response to Ghiselin.

Mitchell, Sam, Bivalence as an issue in the confirmation of belief.

Mitchell, W., Critical notices.

Bradley McGilvary, Evander, Perceptual and memory perspectives.

Kind, Amy, What's so transparent about transparency?. transparency, representationalism, qualia.

Arena, Leonardo Vittorio, News and notes.

Cummins, Phillip D., Pappas on the role of sensations in Reid's theory of perception.

Pappas, George S., Sensation and perception of Reid.

Mallah, Jacques, The many computations interpretation (MCI) of quantum mechanics.

Adams, E. M., 'Ought' again.

Arabatzis, Theodore, Can a historian of science be a scientific realist?.

Arai, Toshiyasu, Ordinal diagrams for π3-reflection.

Rosenthal, David M., The identity theory.

Lewis, Harry A., Mind and body.

Allaire, Edwin B., Wilfred Sellars. Science and metaphysics.

Bandes, Susan A., Child rape, moral outrage, and the death penalty.

Zangwill, Nick, Daydreams and anarchy: A defense of anomalous mental causation.

Kim, Jaegwon, Lonely souls: Causality and substance dualism.

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Zangwill, Nick, Explaining supervenience: Moral and mental.

Beckermann, Ansgar;Flohr, Hans;Kim, Jaegwon, Emergence or Reduction?: Prospects for Nonreductive Physicalism.