The FTP push protocol

On this protocol, journal metadata are uploaded to PhilPapers by journal editors as they become available. Some journal hosting companies (e.g. Atypon) already support this protocol. In order to use this protocol, you must first obtain a user id and password from the PhilPapers General Editors (contact us), and submit a list of the titles you would like to be indexed. Metadata should be uploaded as follows.

Connecting to the server

The FTP server is It does not use secure FTP but normal FTP. You will use the username and password provided to you by the editors.

What to upload

PhilPapers only indexes research articles and book reviews. Please do not upload prefaces, errata and the like.

The file format

PhilPapers supports the NLM Archiving and Interchange format versions 1.0 and 2.2 with one article per file. Not all elements included in the examples are mandatory. For a regular journal article, the mandatory elements are: For book reviews:

Packaging the files

You can upload separate nlm files or zip archives. Currently only the zip compression format is supported (on Unix/Linux use "$zip -r directory" command to zip a directory). Uploaded files should have unique names. For example, files could be named sequentially ("", "", etc.). Metadata from different journals can be combined in the same zip files.

Important notes