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    José Juan González (2011). Art as the Expression of Emotion in the Language of Imagination: Dickie's Misunderstandings of Collingwood's Aesthetics. Art, Emotion and Value. Proceedings of the 5th Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics. Cartagena (Spain), 4th-8th July 2011:175-184.
    It is a common statement in the most traditional views of the history of the philosophy of art to consider the nineteenth century as the moment of birth of the expressionist theory of art, a theory that ended pushing aside the already declining imitation theory of art. It is also usually understood that the expressionist theory defended that the essence of art was to express emotion, that the artist aim was to translate somehow emotions into artworks, and that these emotions (...)
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    José Juan González (2010). A Philosophy of Art in Plato's Republic: An Analysis of Collingwood's Proposal. Proceeding of the European Society for Aesthetics 2:161-177.
    The status of art in Plato's philosophy has always been a difficult problem. As a matter of fact, he even threw the poets out from his ideal state, a passage that has led some interpreters to assess that Plato did not develop a proper philosophy of art. Nevertheless, R. G. Collingwood, wrote an article titled “Plato's Philosophy of Art”. How can it be? What could lead one of the most important aesthetic scholars of the first half of the twentieth century (...)
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