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  1. Errol Lord & Barry Maguire (eds.) (forthcoming). Weighing Reasons. Oxford University Press.
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    Barry Maguire (forthcoming). Grounding the Autonomy of Ethics. PENDING FINAL REVIEW. Oxford Studies in Metaethics (Vol. 10).
    There are various ways of characterising Hume’s dictum that ‘you can’t get an ought from an is.’ Contributors to the literature directly addressing this question focus on logical characterisations of <span class='Hi'>autonomy</span> theses. Such theses maintain that certain logical relations do not obtain between ethical and non-ethical sentences, for instance that no non-ethical sentences logically entail an ethical sentence. I argue that this focus on logical <span class='Hi'>autonomy</span> is a mistake. The thesis so important to our metaethicists is not a (...)
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    Barry Maguire (2013). Defending David Lewis's Modal Reduction. Philosophical Studies 166 (1):129-147.
    David Lewis claims that his theory of modality successfully reduces modal items to nonmodal items. This essay will clarify this claim and argue that it is true. This is largely an exercise within ‘Ludovician Polycosmology’: I hope to show that a certain intuitive resistance to the reduction and a set of related objections misunderstand the nature of the Ludovician project. But these results are of broad interest since they show that would-be reductionists have more formidable argumentative resources than is (...)
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