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  1. D. King (2001). Entering the Chinese Room with Castaneda's Principle (P). Philosophy Today 45 (2):168-174.
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  2. D. King (1996). Is the Human Mind a Turing Machine? Synthese 108 (3):379-89.
    In this paper I discuss the topics of mechanism and algorithmicity. I emphasise that a characterisation of algorithmicity such as the Turing machine is iterative; and I argue that if the human mind can solve problems that no Turing machine can, the mind must depend on some non-iterative principle — in fact, Cantor's second principle of generation, a principle of the actual infinite rather than the potential infinite of Turing machines. But as there has been theorisation that all physical systems (...)
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  3. D. King, Michael Wertheimer, Heidi Keller & Kevin Crochetiere (1994). The Legacy of Max Wertheimer and Gestalt Psychology. Social Research 61:907-936.
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  4. D. King (1940). Examination of First Principles in Thought and Being in the Light of Aristotle and Aquinas. Classical World: A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity 34:189.
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