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I am a PhD student in philosophy at NYU. I work primarily at the intersections of metaphysics and the philosophy of physics. My main interest is in the metaphysics of quantitative physical properties (like mass, charge, length, etc.), but I also have research interests in the ontology of space and time, laws of nature, and the foundations of quantum mechanics. I am writing a dissertation about the connections between the metaphysics of quantity, mereology, and dynamical law.
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    Harjit Bhogal & Zee R. Perry (2015). What the Humean Should Say About Entanglement. Noûs 50 (3).
    Tim Maudlin has influentially argued that Humeanism about laws of nature stands in conflict with quantum mechanics. Specifically Humeanism implies the principle Separability: the complete physical state of a world is determined by the intrinsic physical state of each space-time point. Maudlin argues Separability is violated by the entangled states posited by QM. We argue that Maudlin only establishes that a stronger principle, which we call Strong Separability, is in tension with QM. Separability is not in tension with QM. Moreover, (...)
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    Zee R. Perry (2015). Properly Extensive Quantities. Philosophy of Science 82 (5):833-844.
    This article introduces and motivates the notion of a “properly extensive” quantity by means of a puzzle about the reliability of certain canonical length measurements. An account of these measurements’ success, I argue, requires a modally robust connection between quantitative structure and mereology that is not mediated by the dynamics and is stronger than the constraints imposed by “mere additivity.” I outline what it means to say that length is not just extensive but properly so and then briefly sketch an (...)
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    Zee Perry, Intensive and Extensive Quantities.
    Quantities are properties and relations which exhibit "quantitative structure". For physical quantities, this structure can impact the non-quantitative world in different ways. In this paper I introduce and motivate a novel distinction between quantities based on the way their quantitative structure constrains the possible mereological structure of their instances. Specifically, I identify a category of “properly extensive” quantities, which are a proper sub-class of the additive or extensive quantities. I present and motivate this distinction using two case studies of successful (...)
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