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    S. Malik & S. Roy (2012). A Study on Begging: A Social Stigma--An Indian Perspective. Journal of Human Values 18 (2):187-199.
    The economic growth in India is quite visible through infrastructural and industrial growth in metros but the same is overshadowed by the poor plight of beggars in these cities. This article addresses the living conditions of the beggars and their awareness about the various government policies. The study gives an insight into the economic status of beggars and answers why people go for begging. The solution calls for a comprehensive programme and reorientation of the existing programmes. We often read and (...)
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  2. S. Roy & R. Llinás (2008). Dynamic Geometry, Brain Function Modeling, and Consciousness. In Rahul Banerjee & B. K. Chakrabarti (eds.), Models of Brain and Mind: Physical, Computational, and Psychological Approaches. Elsevier
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    P. K. Anastasovski, T. E. Bearden, C. Ciubotariu, W. T. Coffey, L. B. Crowell, G. J. Evans, M. W. Evans, R. Flower, A. Labounsky, B. Lehnert, P. R. Molnár, S. Roy & J. P. Vigier (2000). Operator Derivation of the Gauge-Invariant Proca and Lehnert Equations; Elimination of the Lorenz Condition. Foundations of Physics 30 (7):1123-1129.
    Using covariant derivatives and the operator definitions of quantum mechanics, gauge invariant Proca and Lehnert equations are derived and the Lorenz condition is eliminated in U(1) invariant electrodynamics. It is shown that the structure of the gauge invariant Lehnert equation is the same in an O(3) invariant theory of electrodynamics.
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  4. S. Roy (1999). Link Between the Non Abelian Stokes Theorem and the B Cyclic Theorem. Apeiron 6:P3 - 4.
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