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Former Editorial Assistant at _Ethics_, 2008–2011. • Former Managing Editor of _The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 2011–2012. • Currently Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow, 2012–2013. • Dissertation: "How to do things with reasons: Agency, value, choice."
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  1. Kelly Heuer, Hypotheticalism and the Objectivity of Morality.
    Mark Schroeder’s Slaves of the Passions defends a version of the Humean Theory of Reasons he calls “Hypotheticalism,” according to which all reasons an agent has for action are explained by desires that are in turn explained by reference to her psychology. This paper disputes Schroeder’s claim that his theory has the potential to allay long-standing worries about moral objectivity and normativity within a Humean framework because it fails to attain the requisite level of agent-neutrality for moral reasons. The particular (...)
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  2. Kelly Heuer, Rights and the Second-Person Standpoint: A Challenge to Darwall's Account.
    Stephen Darwall’s The Second Person Standpoint is built around an analysis of the “second-person standpoint,” which he argues builds in a series of presuppositions which help shape (and perhaps even give content to) morality. This paper argues that there is a kind of paradox tied up in the two central claims at the heart of this project – that second-personal address directs one practically rather than epistemically by giving reasons for action one otherwise would not have had, and that all (...)
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