Raul Saucedo Yale University, Australian National University

  • Faculty, Yale University
  • Postdoc, Australian National University
  • PhD, Cornell University, 2009.

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  1. Raul Saucedo, Persistence and Coincidence.
    Four-dimensionalists claim that their take on the temporal versions of the puzzles of coincidence favors their view over three-dimensionalism. In this paper I argue otherwise. In particular, I argue that the four-dimensionalist’s treatment of such puzzles doesn’t give her an edge over so-called `standard theorists’, i.e. three-dimensionalists according to whom there are distinct material objects that coincide at some time. I look at two ways in which the dispute between four-dimensionalists and standard theorists might be construed. First, as an issue (...)
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  2. Raul Saucedo (2011). Parthood and Location. In Dean Zimmerman & Karen Bennett (eds.), Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Vol. 6. Oxford University Press.
    I argue that from a very weak recombination principle and plausible assumptions about the nature of parthood and location it follows that it's possible that the mereological structure of the material world and that of spacetime fail to correspond to one another in very radical ways. I defend, moreover, that rejecting the possibility of such failures of correspondence leaves us with a choice of equally radical alternatives. I also discuss a few ways in which their possibility is relevant to various (...)
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