• PhD, University of Iowa, 1976.

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Retired. Interests include modal logic and the foundations of mathematics.
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    Michael J. Carroll (1979). Reduction to First Degree in Quantificational S5. Journal of Symbolic Logic 44 (2):207-214.
    It is shown that the modally first-degree formulas of quantificational S5 constitute a reduction class. This is done by defining prenex normal forms for quantificational S5, and then showing that for any formula A there is a formula B in prenex normal form, such that B is modally first-degree and is provable if and only if A is provable.
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    Michael J. Carroll (1978). An Axiomatization of S13. Philosophia 8 (2-3):381-382.
    Specifies an axiomatization of the system S13 of modal logic. Referenced in Cocchiarella & Freund "Modal Logic: an Introduction to its Syntax and Semantics", Oxford University Press, 2008.
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  3. Michael J. Carroll (1976). On Interpreting the S5 Propositional Calculus: An Essay in Philosophical Logic. Dissertation, University of Iowa
    Discusses alternative interpretations of the modal operators, for the modal propositional logic S5.
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